Two Centuries of Great Dog Stories -Barking Mad Review

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Publication Date: August 24th 2015
Publisher: Quiller

Edited by: Tom Quinn
Illustrations by Nicola L Robinson
Length: 205 pages


What do you get when you add man’s best friend and a nation of dog lovers who have a passion for all things dog that it could make the average puppy blush?

You’d find a history of great dog stories that are true, inspiring and some times just dog wagging funny. And we’ve just finishing reading a book that puts it all together.

Great Dog Stories

In Barking Mad, Tom Quinn edits together a collection of intriguing dog stories which date back to the early 19th Century, by researching and finding long forgotten books and magazines, he has found an elicit mix of stories about man’s best friend throughout the ages.

Great Dog Stories

Barking Mad is divided into six themed chapters with a collection of doggy tales from hero to eccentric. There are loads of stories for everyone some that will make you laugh out loud to others that will make you go awww….

A few of my favourite chapters include…

Super Clever

We all love clever dogs and you can just tell by looking at your Facebook feed. We are all guilty of sharing the latest story about a clever dog or the one that can do that amazing trick.  Here you will find tales of dogs doing some pretty amazing things!

great dog stories mad owners

Mad Owners

great dog stories crazy

Crazy dog lady or compassionate soul, you know who you are!  And if you’re like my peep your proud of the title. These little stories might just inspire you to become a mad dog owner too.


Everyone loves a good eccentric story, and the ones presented in this chapter are sure to please. Ranging in date from the 1751 up to 1955 they’re stories that will put a smile on your face.

great dog stories dogs dinner


great dog stories imagesThe book is also beautifully Illustrated by Nicola Robinson, an artist and illustrator based in Nottingham UK.  She really brings the stories to light, with whimsical and colourful images reflecting the chapters.

My thoughts

Books about dogs make the best Summer reads, especially during these hot and hazy rainy days here in the UK.

Barking Mad’s short stories are perfect for a great summer read because you’re able to feel the satisfaction of finishing a few stories at a time, but avoid getting too tucked in so that you end up missing those all important dog walks.  Especially if you love tales about dogs rescuing their owners from flood and fire, buying their own lunch or singing for their supper. Tom Quinn’s collection of great dog inspiring stories are sure to stay with you after they long end.

So if you’re off with your dog this coming bank holiday weekend, I highly recommend you grab yourself a copy, have a little read and then hug your amazing pooch.  We dogs are truly amazing animals, and this book celebrates us through the centuries will all the things dogs can do to please their peeps that they love.

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