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It’s been awhile since I had a dog tag on my collar and I have no idea why. In fact I’ve become a little concerned,  what happens if I got lost? How would someone be able to contact my peep? How would I get home if I ran far away? This was enough to make me paw-der and I had to ask my peep why?

Well, I just haven’t found one that I liked. I wanted something different and unique for you, and yes believe it or not I wanted something fun.

I’ll never understand peeps, a dog tag is an important part of a dog’s kit. Every dog should have an up to date dog tag, collar and lead, it’s our basic gear when we’re out and about.

So I realised that I had to find a tag that my peep would like and started sniffing around the interwebs when I bumped into Podge and Jack who run a very wag cool online pet shop called Morgan’s Dog Boutique. I asked if they could help a dog out and help me find me  a dog tag that my peep would love.

dog tag podge and jack

Podge, who’s a Jack Russel and Pug cross if you were wondering,  was very pleased to help, and wagging happy to introduce us to his family’s business that he helps run with Jack who’s all Jack Russel.

So the first thing Podge did was click me over to the Personalised Pet Tag section of his online shop to show me all the unique tags that they had in stock.

About the dog tags

First of all these cute pet tags are handmade right here in the UK and with over 27 pet tag designs it’s easy to find one that shows off your dog’s personality or breed. After you have selected your favourite design, you can personalize it more by choosing the background colour in either pink, blue, red or lilac, making it truly unique.

dog tag styles

They come in three sizes to fit your dog just right…

Small tag – 2.5 cm
Medium tag – 3.2 cm
Large tag – 3.8 cm

So I was all excited and was really happy that Jack offered us a dog tag to try out.  I howled over to my peep and let her choose a design that we both would love. We picked the beagle of course, and I really do think it looks a lot like me if I was a cartoon dog.

On the back my peep added her contact info including the country code, due to we travel all over and she wanted everyone to know that the number is from the UK, and she also added that I was chipped too, so if I got scanned they’d get even more information about the peeps who love me.

dog tag with Maggie

I think it’s really cute, bright and cheerful, just like me! The quality feels really good as well and you can tell that it’s not going to fade or rub off when I’m rolling around in poo mud. Also most importantly it’s light weight so I can’t even feel it on my collar, which I think makes it very wag cool.

I’d like to thank my woofy friends at Morgan’s Dog Boutique for finding such a cute dog tag. It arrived in the mail in just a few days and we popped it on my collar right away. I’ve been getting lots of compliments about my tag and I’ve been asked if I was the model. I had to tell them that it wasn’t me and  that I’m a very exclusive model who only models for Wag N Go.

You should wag on by the shop and see the whole selection of pet things that they have to offer.  They have great things that really look paw-tastic, special and unique! I sure have to say that Podge and Jack are too very lucky dogs!


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