Easy As A Pawshake: Finding A Trusted Pet Sitter Near You

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I love a good getaway with my peep, it’s always fun and I love seeing new sights, but sometimes my peep can’t take me along and needs a good pet sitter for me.

In fact sometimes my peep has to go out of country to travel, or stays in the city all day long working which  means my normal routine can’t happen on schedule. I need food, I need walking and I like to know that I won’t be forgotten. I need someone to take care of me when my peep is away from home.

I’ve been lucky and had a friend take care of me, but there are times when we can’t make that arrangement. I don’t do kennels, it’s just not my thing and even though I could head out to a doggy day care, my peep needs a more flexible schedule.

So what’s a dog to do when they need looking after by someone trust worthy? Where do you go to find a trusted pet sitter? Not to worry, in almost every city and town there is an online service called Pawshake. It’s a website and app that will help you find the best pet sitter that’s local and can take good care of your pets until you return. Their app is available for both iPhone and Android, and it helps you receive messages and photos seamlessly from your pet sitter when you’re out of town.

With Pawshake you can find:pet sitter app

  • Home dog boarding
  • Dog walking
  • Cat sitting
  • House sitting

About Pawshake

All good pet businesses start with a loving pet and an amazing story on how they started. It’s love and passion for all things furry, that make great services and products for our pets. And Pawshake has done just that, making it easy for busy peeps to find loving care for their pets when they are away from home.

Ibeau the labrador was the inspiration for Pawshake; He needed someone to take care of him while his peep was in hospital, and even though Ibeau had an extended family of peeps, all were not able to care for Ibeau at the time. Which made the founder Dries think…

that somewhere in his community there must be a dog lover who would lodge Ibeau temporarily. Yet, the difficulty was finding this person.

…So, in 2010, Dries started the idea of Pawshake with a post on the Facebook page of pets.be, a not-for-profit website to re-home rescue pets. Immediately, the community responded positively and enthusiastically and the idea of Pawshake was born!

How to find the perfect pet sitter with Pawshake

pet sitter how to1. Enter your city name or postal code to easily find Hundreds of pet lovers offering their service right in your neighbourhood.

With Pawshake all of the pet sitters are verified and insured and located in your community. You can search for a host that will take care of your pet in their home or yours, or someone who will come by and take your dog out for a nice long walk.


2.  A full list of results will show up where you can check availability and check profile pages of potential pet sitters.  Once you are happy with your choice you can book online. Did you know you also find a pet sitter that can help in training or grooming too!


3.  Once you’ve found yourself a great pet sitter close to home.  Just click their “contact me” button. This is the time you will want to ask questions and explain what type of care your pet will need. You can even schedule a meet and greet to make sure that you, your dog and new pet sitter are the perfect match.

4. You don’t have to worry about having the right amount of cash to pay the pet sitter either. Instead you can book right online and pay via PayPal or credit card on the Pawshake secure platform. Just choose the services you want, length of stay and any extras that your pet may need.

You’re all set and your pet sitter is booked! Easy as a paw shake!

Why we use a pet sitter

why we use a pet sitter

My peep uses a pet sitter for peace of mind while she is away from home. She knows that I am being watch over by someone who loves dogs just as much as she does. She also likes the fact that:

  • she does not have to rely on friends to look after me.
  • Our pet sitter comes right to our door to pick me up for my walks.
  • If my peep is gone for longer, she likes knowing I’m tucked in safe with a loving family and knows that I am not alone and being active.

What your dog will like…

He’ll feel less stress because he gets to stay in a familiar environment. It’s a known fact that sights, sounds and smells of home help keep your pet more relaxed.

Dogs love routines and a pet sitter can make sure that while your away, your dog gets his walks on time and fed on time.

A healthy environment insures he’s not picking up other diseases that he could be exposed to in a daycare or kennel.

And most importantly when you use a regular pet sitter, your dog will welcome that person as one of the pack and will feel happy and safe.

My peep wishes that she had known about Pawshake sooner. When we first moved here from Switzerland we didn’t really know anyone who we could ask about pet sitting, so we had to play it by ear.  If we had known of this service we would have found a local pet caregiver so much quicker and with less stress.

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The website is easy to sign up and navigate. They also offer a satisfaction money back guarantee if you’re not happy with your experience on Pawshake.

As you can see, in my peep’s dog walking profile, it’s very detailed about all the services each pet sitter offers, their pricing, and availability. We liked the about you section of the profiles and the skills that each pet sitter has in experience, perfect when you’re looking for special needs for your pet.

We were very pleased to find many pet sitters in our area, we found walkers who enjoy the commons just like I do, hosts with big gardens that enjoy having a pup or two for sleep overs. We keep Pawshake in our bookmarks and we also downloaded their app so we’ll be set in booking our next pet sitter when my peep goes off on her next holiday!

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