A Wag Cool Barking Rad Review

I just love subscription boxes for dogs, and I was excited that we were going to do a Wag Cool Barking Rad review on their new subscription boxes available for wag cool dogs in the UK. When our September box arrived I was all wags and couldn’t wait to get my paws on their UK sourced products.

About Barking Rad

Barking rad is a new online pet shop  offering a hand-picked selection of crafted products, accessories, tasty homemade bakes, grooming products and very wag cool dog toys. They also offer dog gift boxes and a monthly dog subscription service celebrating the best of UK pet products made by independent crafters and companies that make ethical and safe pet products right here in the UK.

What you get is a very wag cool product range of:

  • High quality
  • Quirky & unusual
  • Hand crafted by dog lovers for dog lover and their pooches

And like any great UK company, they have three rad dogs as their chief product testers making sure that each and every product is something your dog will truly love.

Also they understand that not all dogs are as lucky as the ones that shop at Barking Rad and that some get stuck in shelters waiting for their forever homes. Barking Rad is helping to re-home dogs from some of the most desperate situations in the UK by supporting small and large dog shelters across the UK.

barking rad review dogs

Their monthly dog subscription boxes are a mixture of 4-6 of  handmade dog products shipped to your doorstep. Packing each box with the UK’s most talented independent dog businesses. The best part too is that you can order a box style that is best suited for your wag cool pooch.

We thought the allergy box was a great idea, and I have to admit I loved the box full of just treats!

You Choose

The Original One: A box packed with dog products, including grooming products, toys, treats and accessories from crafters and independent businesses across the United Kingdom.

The Allergy One: For dogs that suffer from allergies the box is packed with soothing organic soaps, gentle grooming products, toys, accessories and hypoallergenic treats.

The Foodie One: It’s a box that skips the toys and the grooming products and is packed only with the best gourmet dog treats handmade in the UK every month.

Each box cost £24.95 which includes shipping.

Considering all of the items are handmade in the UK, it takes a little bit of time for the crafters and independent suppliers to make all the products for your subscription box. If you purchase your box on or before the 14th of the month – you’ll receive it in the last week of the month. If you sign up after the 14th of the month, you’ll receive your first box the month after. They always post in the last week of each month so you can expect your monthly box to come around the same time every month thereafter.

What we Got

my barking rad review box

Our box came really quickly and I have to say I was very excited to see what treats I would be receiving. We were given the Original Box to try out which you can buy via subscription or as a one-off gift for your favourite pooch.

Harry’s Treats Gourmet Sunday Roast

barking rad review dog treats
Handmade in Edinborough with no artificial colours or preservatives. They’re about the size of a quail’s egg, rattle and have an amazing crunch, if you decide to chew it instead of swallowing it whole. You know who I’m talking about, gobble dogs! Harry really know what he’s doing when it comes to these tasty treats.

Arton & Co Dog Doughnuts

These luscious donuts are made in Preston and contain wholemeal flour, barking rad donutoats, peanut butter and a dash of olive oil, egg, and desiccated coconut. The doggy icing was made with a natural yogurt, corn starch, guar gum and a little sucrose.

All of these dog friendly ingredients, including the colouring are  slow baked in their ovens to make them super crunchy. I have to say that the peanut butter drove me made and I wanted to eat the whole thing!

Barkers Brew

barking rad review beerWhen I’m at my local pub I am always seeing people with big glasses of beer or bottles just like this one, so I was quiet surprized that my peep opened it up and pour it over my kibble. But Barkers Brew is actually a specially formulated non-alcoholic gravy. We used it on my kibble but you can even add a splash to your dogs water.

My Person Loves Me- Soft Toy Moustachebarking rad soft toy

Soft toy made out of corduroy and handmade in Lincoln. My peep loved it she thought it was very cute and has tucked it away for Movember. So yup you’re right, there’s going to be some silly photos coming soon.

barking rad review balmCoconut Blush Paw Salve

Made with shea butter to help alleviate sore spots. Perfect for this winter as it eases pain & cracking caused by salt and ice!

More that a Dog Subscription Service

They are a full online shop where you can buy these unique products individually. So if your pup just loves the donuts, you can easily order more right from the site. They also sell very wag cool clothing, doggy accessories, leads, cakes and even a pup tent for your little bundle of fur.

Barking Rad Review

I have to say I really liked the dog subscription box, it was great enjoying products that are made by hard working dog lovers right here in the UK. It also felt great knowing I was supporting small businesses and enjoying something special, in fact I can’t wait to give these unique boxes as Christmas gifts to my doggy friends here and back home in the USA.

Bark them out

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