Pet Shampoo|OMG Wimbledon… I Smell and Feel Fantastic

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Over the summer, my peep and I were invited to the 1 year anniversary of OMG right here in Wimbledon Village.  They were celebrating their new space with a bubbles and bites reception, and I couldn’t wait to attend and try the goodies.

OMG, which stands for Organic Masters is a beauty salon that works exclusively with organic products and ammonia free hair colours.

In other words they spiff up peeps by styling their hair and making sure they are nice and groomed too! Dogs are allowed to hang out in the salon with their peeps while all this happens and you don’t have to worry about a thing happening to you. This is for the peeps and they all seem to love it!

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But back to the story…

When we left OMG’s party, we were handed a swag bag full of products for my peep and to my surprise they also popped in John Masters Organics pet shampoo and conditioner for me. Why? I have no idea; I hate baths and would have been much happier with the leftovers from the reception.

However my peep was over the moon, she has been on a quest to find a shampoo that is easy to lather, easy to rinse and not full of chemicals.

Did you know that some commercial and even some “natural” shampoos are nothing but chemicals? Chemicals that you would also find in the shampoo you use to wash a car.


She also wanted me to smell fresh and clean and not all perfumed up like a cheap tart. Yes she still remembers when I came back from the groomers smelling like I just finished hanging out with Grandma burlesque!  Here I would have to agree, I’m a dog not a floozy!

John Masters Organics Pet Shampoo & Conditioner

pet shampoo john masterJohn Masters is a major dog lover and he too wanted a quality organic product to use on his dog when it came to bathe time. So he made a certified organic pet shampoo that is also cruelty-free.

John Masters pet shampoo and conditioner uses neem which contains fatty acids to soothe and nourish a dog’s coat & skin and milk thistle to condition your pet’s coat as well.

It’s also

  • formulated to be the correct PH for your pet’s coat
  • the essential oils of citronella and eucalyptus ward nasty off fleas & ticks
  • lather into a rich foam without sodium lauryl sulfate, which can dry & irritate your pet’s skin
  • does not contain GMOs, parabens, DEAs, MEAs, TEAs, artificial colour or fragrance.

Bath Test

Oh yes, we knew I was going to get my paws wet sooner or later. I’m sure your dog knows the drill. In my house blue towels come down from the linen closet, the bath tub starts to fill, and my peep starts singing “it’s bath time”

pet shampoo maggie

This is the time I start looking for an exit and try to stay as far away as I can from the bathroom. But she’s bigger than me and can easily scoop me up and plop me into the tub before I know what is happening!

If you thought you were going to see me in the tub, forget it! It’s not that kind of blog and private moments are private moments. Actually there is no way my peep can photograph me and scrub me clean at the same time. If she could, I’d give her a treat!

Well I have to say it didn’t take long for my peep to turn me into a bubbly beagle full of creamy lather that smelled herbal fresh. When it came time to rinse me down it only took a matter of a couple of minutes to make me squeaky clean. After that I was again messaged with the conditioner that also smelled as fresh as the shampoo. Quick rinse and I was done.

The results were exactly how we both like me looking!

  • Soft and shiny fur
  • I smelled clean

What more can a dog want? I know a little beagle dance in the next mud puddle I see!

Get you and your peep spruce up

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