I’m An Autumn Dog – The 5 Reasons Why I Love it!

autumn dog cover

There are so many things that I love about this time of year, it’s the sounds, smells and visual beauty that makes me an Autumn dog.

Autumn is a favorite time of year for many people and dogs too. It’s a time to wrap up warm, grab your wellies and head out to see nature change from emerald-green to a kaleidoscope of brilliant rustic hues. See why I love being a dog in Autumn.

1. Sounds of Autumn

autumn dog red squirrel

Now I know that Autumn isn’t as noisy as Spring, but it is still a busy season with a cozy and unique feeling of life getting ready for winter. When the wind is rusting the leaves, I can’t wait to start chasing them or jumping into a pile trying to find my missing ball. Hearing the geese honking as they fly past makes me want to bark as loud as they honk. And best of all chasing a squirrel while conkers fly through the sky and hit my peep on the head.


2. Smells Fresh and Spicy

autumn dog pumpkin

I know it’s Autumn when I see my peep in the kitchen making hearty stews and pumpkin treats for me. She also likes using game, squash and sweet potatoes all yummy and it warms by belly just right.

When we take our evening walks we can smell the heavenly scent of smokey fireplaces  and the burning of leaves in the air.

3. Feels Great

autumn dog beach

As summer slowly fades away and the weather changes, we begin to experience cooler Autumn days. With cooler days I get to enjoy longer walks in the crisp fresh air. It also means I can run like crazy on the now empty beach of summer.

At home I can snuggle up on my blanket and enjoy the warm heat of the fireplace warming my wet feet.

Visual Autumn Dog

autumn dog in leaves

There are beautiful colours of red, yellow and brown leaves in huge piles ready to be pounced and roll around in as I give my back a good scratch. Black, grey and red squirrels tempting you everywhere while white, black and tan fly above you in a clear blue sky with puffy clouds.

It’s also grey, deep green and brown on windy rainy days with big puddles to do my beagle dance in while my peep flaps her arms desperately trying to stop me. This always gives me a burst energy to run through the pale green grass and into the deep green woods feeling mucky good.

With my beagle tri-colours of black, white and tan I truly feel like an Autumn dog. I think all dogs look great in Autumn, even the ones with those crazy doggy sweaters that I see on some of my woofy friends.

This is why I love Autumn!

So the next time you’re out with your pooch make sure you watch them enjoy all the senses of Autumn.

What is favourite Autumn dog adventure?