Infographic: Are Our Animals Furry Friends or Pampered pets?

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There’s no denying it, the UK is a nation of pet lovers – from cats and dogs to guinea pigs, birds and even reptiles, we just can’t get enough of our furry friends. Millions of us own a pet for the happiness and lifestyle benefits they bring – not to mention how utterly adorable they are (most of the time!).

Our pets are always available for cuddles, walks and fun, and the bonds we form can do wonders for our stress levels. Then there’s the fitness aspect – if you’ve got a dog, for example, taking it out for walks every day is a great way to improve your health. For those of us with animals, our pet is not just a part of our daily routine, but a part of our family too, and many of us dote on them as we would our children.

From showering them with toys and treats to gushing about them to our friends, it’s fair to say we devote a huge portion of our lives – and finances – to our pets.

How much do you spend on your pet?

While pets can make a huge and very positive difference to our lives, they can also be expensive to own. You may not think you’re spending a lot of money on your pet, but this infographic from Capital One shows the reality of how much we Brits are forking out on our furry bundles of joy each year.

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It’s true that some of us spend more on certain things than others, but, all in all, we’re dedicating a pretty huge chunk of our finances to treating our loveable friends. It may be worth it for the companionship, love and general cuteness our animals have to offer in return – but are we splashing too much cash on them? Have our pets gone beyond being furry friends to become over-indulged, pampered pets?

From the average person spending hundreds of pounds per year on presents for their animals, the likes of which include extravagant gifts such as treadmills and jewellery, to those who buy them Valentine’s Day gifts, we sure like to show our devotion to our pets in the UK.

How much is too much? Pampered Pet?

Of course, with more items available for us to buy for our pets, it can be difficult to resist the temptation. And, if you’ve got the cash spare, what could be more rewarding than showing your companion how much you care? One of the main things everyone must consider before buying a pet, though, is how much they’re going to set you back each month and whether you can afford to spoil them. Remember that food, bedding, shelter and a few toys are the most important things you’ll need to budget for, and any extras should be considered a luxury. But, if it’s a luxury that brings you just as much joy as your pet, then we’re all for it!

How do you compare to your fellow pet owners in the UK? Take a look at the infographic to find out more fun facts about our spending habits when it comes to our pets.

Bio: Jessica Cole is a London-based writer. She has one dog, a bouncy 18-month-old cockapoo named Daisy, who loves playing with her pals but hates car rides.

Disclaimer: We would like to thank Capital One for providing us with this info-graph.

Photo credit: Geoff Heal