Do You Speak Tail? World’s First Dog Emotion Sensor!

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Do you know what I hear from my peep and her friends practically everyday? They are always wishing I could speak, and then they wonder what I would say. And while they are flapping their lips and making strange sounds to each other I just stand there and wag my tail. It’s a dog emotion!

If they would just understand that dogs use much more than their vocal cords to express themselves, like we use our whole body our tail and ears can tell you a lot on how we’re feeling. In fact we are so in tune with body language we already know how your feeling before you utter a word.

If you ever wanted a translator that spoke tail and wags there is a new dog on the market that has the stuff to make it happen!

The tail is a key social cue for dogs, like the smile is for humans. But wagging isn’t just wagging, its complex and asymmetric; and, it includes emotional signals that human eye can’t recognize.  Understanding the tail means understanding the dog.

Meet Dog Star Life

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DogStar is the first emotion sensor for dogs, worn on the tail, which enables pet parents to understand what their dog is expressing! Better yet, it comes with an app for your smart phone so even if you’re not with your dog you can check in and well, see how they’re feeling.

The DogStar Tail Tracker is a small, flexible sensor that is worn around the tail like a collar. It’s based on the latest canine neuro-science, by translating the position of the tail and how it’s wagging.  Then the Tail Tracker delivers messages straight from the tail straight to your  smart phone.

You will now know how your dog is feeling when:

  • home alone
  • at doggy daycare
  • out with the dog walker or dog park

The app let’s you connect with your pup even if you two are not together. You can also add your dog’s profile, update his calendar for events and add his furry friends. The app also let’s you see your dog’s happiness status by the day, week or month. There is even an emotional diary where you can add notes. It’s a good way to track when and how your dog is feeling in different situations or with different people.

Dog emotions

As I was saying earlier, we dogs do express ourselves differently and I know it can be hard to understand us. However with a little practice on your part you should be able to communicate with us with ease. We did learn how you speak, so if a dog can do it so can you!

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The dogStar sounds very intriguing and it could be a lot of fun. I’m not sure if I would be a fan of having something on my tail but hey I’m always open to trying new things, especially if it would help my peep understand me better.

I’d suggest that you head on over to their Indiegogo campaign and check out all the cool features! You never know you might be speaking tail talk in no time!

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