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Fish 4 Dogs was kind enough to send us some of their new treat range to tryout and being the beagle that I am, I was wag n’ ready to give them a try to see how tasty they could be as a treat.

I’m trying their new range of Mackerel Morsels and the first blogging beagle to try their Freeze Dried Treats made with 100% Norwegian ocean white fish. I am so happy to share with my fellow dog loving readers how tasty these little gems are!

Now I am already familiar with Fish 4 Dogs treats and dog food, and have been woofing down their tasty bites since I first discovered them a few years ago.

About Fish 4 Dogs

Did you know that Fish4Dogs is a small independent company with just under 30 in their pack working from a base in rural Worcestershire.  And as you know I always try to support small businesses that make the UK tick.

They are also dog crazy and run a dog friendly office. The office dogs are Sam, Gabriel, Barney,  Lucy, Amber, Toby and Dylan with occasional appearances from Percy, Beau, Cas and Whiskey.  With all those dogs running the business, you just know that their treats and dog food are going to be awesome.

Fish 4 Dogs uses farmed fish from Norway due to it’s sustainable and consistently high quality. These farms operate under a strict set of control and licences that makes Norwegian Fish Farming practices the best in the world.

From there they manufacture in Norway because it’s close to their main ingredient, Fish! After they are cooked and packaged they are sent to their office, and shops around the world for happy dogs everywhere!

Brand New! Freeze Dried Treats For Dogs

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These brand new freeze-dried treats won’t be available until the 28th of October! Here at Wag The Dog UK we will be the first to give Fish 4 Dogs a review of their new little treats and I can’t wait to tell you all about them.

Made with 100% Ocean White Fish from Norway, and freeze-dried at the source pack a lot of flavour to make any dog’s tail wag. They are about a 1/2 inch square and light, fluffy and crunchy all at the same time. They best part is that you can have a couple at a time and we’ve been using them for training. I promise my recall is getting so much better.

Freeze drying is a relatively recent method of preserving dog food & treats. It involves freezing the food, then removing the moisture in a vacuum chamber which makes the frozen crystals evaporate directly to vapor. Freeze dried dog foods can be easily transported at normal temperatures, stored for a long period of time, and consumed with a minimum of preparation. Freeze-dried treats have much the same look and taste as the original, natural product.


New! Mackerel Morsels


fish 4 dogs morselsMade with salmon and fresh mackerel these fish dog treats are about an inch long and pack a whole lot of crunch. They smell like yummy fish cakes! What I didn’t know though was that these new treats have added extras to support a dog’s health.

Mackerel morsels come in two specially made formulas for added benefits to your dog’s health. Both treats start with Krill, which is a superior form of Omega 3. The Omega 3 from Krill is water dispersive meaning it easily mixes with stomach fluids giving improved absorption by the body.

Mackerel Morsels contain no artificial

  • preservatives
  • colouring
  • ingredients

Mackerel Morsels – Coat / Skin and Joint:

Fish, rich in Omega 3 is great for coat skin and joints, but Fish 4 Dogs goes a little further and adds other natural ingredients to help in keeping your dogs coat, skin and joint in top form.

With Green Lipped Mussels: A source of Glucosamine & Chondroitin helping with Cartilage repair.
With Spirulina: Rich in antioxidant Vitamin A and a natural source of Iron,  Vitamin A helps with vision, bone growth and immune health and Iron helps blood formation and immune health
With algae: A rich and sustainable form of Omega 3.

Mackerel Morsels – Digestive aid:

Eating fish is a great way to get your protein and it’s very easy for dogs to digest which is always a good thing.  In Mackerel Morsels digestive aid they also added:

Prebiotic MOS and FOS: MOS (Mannan-oligosaccharides) and FOS: (Fructo-oligosaccharides) Indigestible by our bodies these provide a source of food for healthy bacteria.

Yucca: Helping to reduce smelly poo by binding ammonia and improving the bodies absorption of nutrients.

My Thoughts

They’re good, I mean really good enough that when the bag is open I’m at my peep’s feet. It’s good to know that they are good for me too! I’d think the Freeze dried treats would be perfect for training due to their bite size shape.

My peep thinks the Mackerel Morsels are great to give me when I’m a really good girl. So you guessed it, I’ve been the best beagle these days and I’m actually considering listening to my peep more often.

Enter to win

Two lucky dog winner will receive  from Fish 4 Dogs a bundle of their newest dog treats.  (retail value up to £15.00)

How can you win? Easy! Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday?  Dress your dog up on Halloween?.  Easy peasy! Also you can get extra entries by using the Gleam form!

When does it start and end? The contest starts now. The contest ends on 4th of November 2015

Who can enter?: Anyone who is a resident of the UK and over 18

One winner will be drawn at random.

Gather your treat loving dogs, friends & family Spread the word and give a howl. One entry per person.
Fish 4 Dogs Treat Bundle Giveaway

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