Discover A Crossbreed With this Wag Cool Tool

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I love dogs, in all shapes and sizes, old dogs, young dogs and the sweetest wobbly puppies. And when I’m tooling around the commons I sometimes wonder what it would be like if I had the water loving attitude of a Labrador or the lap loving traits of a Cavalier? I would love to discover a crossbreed of me!

Everyone already knows about the puggle which is a cross between a beagle and pug and just a bundle of cuteness!

puggle crossbreed

Wouldn’t it be fun to find the perfect mix of love with your favourite dog breeds? Well if you ever wondered what a crossbreed would look like and if it could dawn a wag cool name like the Labradoodle with it’s hypoallergenic coat, now you can with just a few clicks.

Co-op Insurance has just come out with a fun app that you can use online at The Hub.

Did you know Cross breeds are generally healthier and even their names are more delightful! These crossbreeds will make you smile with their blended breed personalities.

I really had to try it out, and I think you should too! It’s really fun to see what type of dog and personality you could get. I gave it a try and this is what would happen if you mixed me with a Boston terrier, a Cavalier or a strapping Lab.

Have a gander and tell me what you think, then pop on over and see what type of beautiful crossbreed you could make. We added a button at the bottom for you to go directly to the tool.

Beagle Crossbreeds

Boglen Terrier

discover a cross breed Boglen Terrier

The Boglen Terrier is smart, agile and energetic – a brave little dog that isn’t easily intimidated. A large dose of daily exercise will prevent it from getting bored, and its short coat needs little maintenance.

I’d be a super smart dog and able to sniff out a treat in minutes!


discover a cross breed Beaglier

An affectionate crossbreed that loves long walks with it’s family. Charismatic and curious, the Beaglier has the potential to be stubborn during training, but perseverence will pay off.

Being this cute, I’d always have a seat at the table!


discover a cross breed labbie

Hunting breed parents mean the Labbe loves to follow its nose. Affectionate and gentle, it’s the perfect addition to families with a lot of time to give. Just remember to keep an eye on its weight – the Labbe has a bottomless stomach!

With my superior sniffing skills and the labs long legs I believe we could master raiding the kitchen!

Discover A Crossbreed that’s right for you

To help you discover more crossbreeds and to test your knowledge, Try this handy tool.

Choose a breed from each of the menus to find out what a wonderful crossbreed could be!

discover crossbreed buttonMore about Crossbreeds

The United Kennel Club registers more than 200 breeds, and worldwide, their are about 400 breeds that are recognized, yet most of the dogs in the world are at least a mixture of two breeds and often more than that.

Besides the unconditional devotion any owner gets from building and maintaining a bond with their dog, the crossbreed dog has several advantages.

  • He is generally inexpensive, especially if acquired from a shelter.
  • Unique look! Mixed breeds can look different even in the same litter
  • Careful crossbreeding may lower the chances of passing on a particular condition trait of a purebred parent.
  • Some of today’s crosses could potentially evolve into tomorrow’s pure breeds!

Do you have a crossbreed or pure breed? Let me know your thoughts!

disclaimer: we would like to thank co-op insurance for their app contribution to our post.