My October Pawsome Box Treat

pawsome box oct cover
 What’s in a Pawsome box this month?  We received the October Pawsome box last month, so lets take a peek!

The best thing about doggy subscription boxes is simple, you never know what you might get until you open the box.  Sometimes, you get fantastic things that you absolutely love and sometimes, you get things  that well, you don’t really like so much.

It’s the surprize and beauty of subscription boxes. I do have to say me and peep we’re very pleased with our October Pawsome box, it had something for both me and my peep!

October’s theme is All Snuggled Up.  Packed full of treats, toys and my peep’s favourite poo bags! She believes you can never have enough of these around, and they are a “must have” need for any dog owner.

Our box came packed full with 6 doggy products. Two sets of treats, (yum), a chew, toy, shampoo and the all important poo bags.

Here are our top 3 favourites:

Rawhide Lollipop

pawsome box oct lollipop

Made of munchy rawhide, and completely chew-able. I have been tossing this around the house all day.

Cow Crinkler

pawsome box oct crinkle

My peep loves these toys because they are not stuffed. Yup you guessed it, I love ripping my toys apart and tossing the stuffing all over the house. This one has kept me entertained due to it makes a crinkle sounds and squeak. It’s enough to drive my peep crazy! tee woof hee!

Pet Munchies training treats

pawsome box oct treats

No subscription box would be complete without some tasty treats. These are 100% natural, low in fat and in small bite size pieces. My peep grabs a few and pops them in her pocket while we are out and about and is able to give me a few at a time due to they are little tasty bites. I bet they would be great for training!

They come in three flavors chicken, liver & chicken, and sushi, we got the chicken treats to try. We’ve had them before and I love them!

All three flavours are low in fat and the former two are wheat, gluten, and soya free, so they’re perfect even for those pooches with special dietary requirements!

My peep liked

Nilaqua waterless shampoo

pawsome box oct shampoo

Go figure my peep would love this, but guess what, so do I. Considering we are now in the muddy, mud, mud season and the days are getting chilly this makes the perfect solution for cleaning me up. I tend to get a little grubby after my walks in the commons and before my peep would have to hose me down before I could even think of entering the lounge. It was walk, bath, walk bath, Jeez it was driving me crazy.

Now all she has to do is apply this special mixture directly onto by coat and give me a little message. This action helps lift dirt, smelly odours and whatever else I tend to get on my coat. Then all she has to do is dry me thoroughly with a towel and I become the shiny and good smelling beagle that I am, ready to jump onto the sofa for my nap.

Nilaqua’s No Rinse Pet Shampoo is formulated using specialist technology that will really wash your pup from head to tail in seconds!

Yup that’s right, not a bath tub or hose in sight. This product doesn’t need water to work and I think that’s very wag cool.

Everything else

pawsome box oct other

Captain Jack’s fish treats were so good that there wasn’t a chance to photograph them. 100% natural salmon treats low in fat and I also get my Omega 3.

Doggy Vinyl toy: I’m not a big fan of these, and I thought this one was actually the biggest treat I ever saw. However if your dogs love a squeaky, this one is kinda cute.

Poop bags are part of life and you can never have enough. It keeps my peep happy and I know we’ve done our bit to keep our neighbourhood clean.

I have to say it was a Pawsome box and I bet any pooch would be happy to get one. If your thinking of what to get your favourite dog this holiday season, I’d suggest you check out the Special Edition Christmas Box which is only available until 1st of December.

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