Hound Haus: A Doggy Gift Box Delivering Happiness

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About Hound Haus

Hound Haus is a doggy gift box subscription service that allows dog lovers around the UK to receive a monthly box of dog goodies for their pet. Hound Haus then uses the profits to produce and distribute free special boxes full of dog essentials to struggling or homeless dog owners.

Their boxes try to ensure that dogs are being looked after well by containing a selection of:

  • Food
  • Blankets
  • Coats
  • Leads
  • Grooming essentials
  • Worming and flea products and info
  • plus treats, chews and toys to keep the dogs stimulated.
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The doggy packs are distributed fortnightly through a number of different channels to ensure they are not a one off gift but an on-going solution.

What’s inside your doggy gift box

Well that depends, due to they carry a wide variety of boxes to suit different needs for different dogs, so there is something for everyone, something perfect for your pooch and fits the budget.

Their boxes start at £9.99 for the classic light dog treat box up to £22.99 for their posh gourmet dog treat box. They also have the option on their website to give back and order a support pack for only £7.00 which helps support a homeless or struggling dog owner directly.

The aim is to support owners to prevent more dogs from ending up in shelters. With as many as 200 dogs a day being abandoned or given over to shelters around the UK, The Hound Haus aim to help the dogs, the owners and in turn reduce the demands on animal shelters.

Our doggy gift box

We received their most popular box called the Classic Dog Treat Box which was packed full of tasty treats,  a booklet full of great doggy stuff and info sheet about what they do,  all nicely nestled in their custom doggy gift box.

doogy gift box chicken

Made by T. Forrest and Sons, these tasty chicken sticks which are over 3 1/2 inches long are made with a mixture of chicken, bacon and ham and wheat free.

My thoughts….

First of all I love chicken and bacon and love that these are big! They are a great chew and I can finish one off in a matter of seconds, however my peep likes breaking them down to little bites and carries one with her on our walks.

doggy gift box toy

It’s a pull, it’s a bouncy ball and it’s a great interaction toy for dogs that love to play tug of war with their peeps or other dogs.

With it’s tight knotted fibers this toy should give you many days of play. Did you know that when dogs chew on the fibers that it helps clean their teeth as they play?

My thoughts…

Well I’m not a big fan of tug of war and it’s a little big for me, however I know some great dogs at shelters who will love this and I plan to send mine to them.

doggy gift box treats

We all love Pooch & Mutt treats and I can’t say enough of how tasty they are. Their Health and Digestion Treats are yummy little bones made up of chicken, parsley, charcoal and chicory. These ingredients aid digestion; in particular bloating and flatulence as well as absorbing foods that haven’t been digested properly and regulating digestive bacteria.

My thoughts…

We’ve reviewed Pooch & Mutt here at Wag The Dog UK so check it out for more details. But in a dog treat, they are little low calorie, natural and wheat free treats that have a great crunch.

Made by Pet Munchies these mega fishy chews are made with 100% salmon skin packed full of omega 3 and 6 as doggy gift box chewswell as antioxidants. Fish oil is amazing and it’s good for your dog’s teeth, skin and coat as well as their brain and eye function!

My thoughts…

Oh these smelly chews are amazing. I’ve been barking and tossing mine around all day. But when I settle down it’s chew, chew and more chew! It has lasted me all day!

doggy gift box poop bags

Hound Haus’s own poop bag dispenser & poo bags. . The dispensers easily clips onto your lead or belt. Which comes packed with your first roll of biodegradable poo bags. The bags are also extra large to make it easier and cleaner for you. Also if you let Hound Haus know that your dispenser got lost or broken they will send you another on your next order.

My thoughts…

You can never have enough poo bags and an extra dispenser made my peep happy and she has now placed it on my other lead.

The doggy gift box was packed full of goodness which I really enjoyed and of course, most importantly of all, it’s great to know that these doggy gift boxes give back to less fortunate dogs and the people that love them.

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Disclaimer: We would like to thank Hound Haus for supplying us with a doggy gift box for our review. All opinions are review is our own.