Top 10 Reasons to Switch to Reward Based Dog Training Today

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Training your pup can be a difficult process, and making the decision about how to do that is a daunting task. But by avoiding training your dog, you could be setting yourself up for a long and difficult road. Reward based dog training is a relatively new way to approach training your dog, and it has benefits that go far beyond basic obedience.

Reward Based Dog Training Benefits

1. It’s fun!

Reward based dog training looks a lot like playing with your dog – because it is! The most important part about this method is that both the dog and the owner enjoy the process. This keeps your dog’s stress level down and his heart open.

Reward-Based Dog Training fun

2. It builds a relationship

Creating a bond with your dog makes you the most important thing in its life. That means that you’ll be more exciting than any squirrel, dog, or stranger and ensures that your dog will look to you before anything else.

reward based dog training 3. It has long lasting results

By making desired behaviors fun and interesting, you are instilling a positive association with those activities. That gives your dog the right motivation to happily do what you want every time you ask.

4. It creates calm dogs

reward base dog traing calm dogsIf you have a young or energetic dog, reward-based training is a great way to get rid of some of that excess energy.  Just a few 5-10 minute sessions each day can give your dog that extra mental and physical stimulation it needs, and you’ll be reinforcing the behaviors you want in the process!

5. It creates friendly dogs

Because the training itself is fun and does not use aggressive techniques, it is not stressful for the dog.  Owners that train using positive reinforcement are instilling confidence and calm, instead of fear and aggression.

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6. It teaches you to understand your dog

Reward-based training doesn’t only help your dog understand what you want, it also helps you understand what your dog is telling you about how it feels. This is invaluable in predicting how your dog will react, and makes avoiding difficult situations a cinch.

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7. It’s simple!

Each behavior and situation is different, but once you have the basic concepts of how to engage your dog with positive reinforcement, you can apply them to any problem.  The best part: the more you work with your dog, the more you will trust each other and the easier it will be to correct a problem.

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8.  You can train your puppy as early as you want

Because the system relies on a dog’s natural instincts, your puppy can learn good behavior from the very beginning by doing what it naturally wants to do. To top it off, it will love you all the more for the fun you’re having together.

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9.  It can help correct behaviors your dog already has

If your dog has already developed some bad habits or fears, don’t worry!  Reward based dog training is perfect for changing your dog’s perspective on scary situations and showing him the benefit of working with you.

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10. It works!

There have been many scientific studies on the different methods of training, and there is overwhelming evidence that reward-based techniques work faster, and more consistently than negative reinforcement techniques.

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Owning a dog is such a fulfilling experience, and reward-based training is a key component to having a strong, joyful relationship with your dog.  So, find the right trainer that can help you in building trust and companionship with your dog, and then get out and play!

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