Cats vs Dogs Which Is the Nation’s Favourite?

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Cats vs Dogs

Now obviously when the team at Wag the Dog are presented with the question cats vs dogs, there is only one clear winner in their eyes! Yes it’s those loyal, loveable and legendary dogs of course!

However, the debate between pet owners and animal enthusiasts up and down the country is ongoing and there is a distinctive divide between those in the favour of a woof over a meow.

As the nation continues to have their say, the team at GJW Titmuss has created an awesome interactive, fun and engaging scrolling infographic which aims to settle the debate once and for all.

Cats vs Dogs: Which Is Your Favourite?

The scrolling infographic starts by asking pet lovers to select which they prefer out of cats or dogs.

After you have made your selection you can then learn about:

The number of households in the UK that own a pet
The most popular breads
The differences between cats and dogs
Fun facts plus much more

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At the end, you also get to view in real time, who is currently winning the battle!

Check it out now and see who’s winning the battle!

Who’s in the Lead? (No pun intended)

So, as of December 2015 the nation agrees with the Wag the Dog team as yes it’s dogs who are leading the way – storming to victory by 74% to 26%.

And if you thought we were being biased then here’s the evidence to prove it.

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Have Your Say

Do you agree with the results so far? Take a look at the content, cast your vote and share your results online too!

As the debate continues, at least you can claim that you’ve had your say and learnt a thing or two along the way – even if you do favour cuddly cats over delightful dogs.

Check it out

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