Holiday Dog Travel Infographic & 5 Top Travel Tips

dog travel holiday

Tsk the season for a little dog travel! Woof, woof, it’s true dogs will be visiting family and friends all over this holiday season. And why not they are part of the family. In fact I’ve been invited to a few holiday get togethers and I can’t wait to enjoy the food celebrating with everyone!

Just like our furry friends across the pond, we Brits will be travelling with our pets too! So I thought this info-graph made by Kurgo gave some great stats for dogs on the go!

Holiday dog travel


Holiday Dog Travel Infographic

If you are planning to head out with your pooch, even if it’s around the corner, across the country or overseas please make sure your all set. Here are my 5 top dog travel tips

Dog Travel Tips

  • Holiday time for Vets is a very busy and hectic time. So make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date before you head out on your holiday. Don’t leave it to the last minute!
  • Make sure that you take plenty of stops along the way for that sniff and wee break that dogs need.
  • Pack up Fido’s favourite food for the trip. Dogs are susceptible to diet changes.
  • Pack additional items like a bed or blanket that makes them feel at home, extra collar, a toy or two and of course plenty of poo bags! An extra tag with a local number is always a good idea to add to your dog’s tags.
  • If your trip is going to be long, make sure that you pack some treats and lots of water so that your pooch doesn’t feel starving when he arrives.
  • Don’t forget your dog’s passport if travelling abroad!

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Disclaimer: We would like to thank with this graphic. Kurgo produces travel related products to the US market. All words are my own.