Our Top 5 Most Popular Dog Posts 2015

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I can’t believe how fast 2015 went and all the dog posts we and our favorite writers shared on Wag The Dog UK. We’re even more excited to saying hello 2016 and writing more about all things dogs. Woof! Woof!

The beginning of the year is an exciting time because a new year presents new stories, new friends and new adventures. But before we get started on new things and dog sense, we thought it would be fun to look back over the last year to see what was happening on Wag The Dog UK and find what posts we’re the most popular with our readers.  Some of these are from last year and some are older, but they all helped our readers care and know a little more about their pets.

Popular Dog Posts 2015

1. Good Nuts & Bad Nuts For Dogs -Know Your Nut & Why

dog post nutsWhen we first published this post we had no idea that some nuts were not so great for dogs. Since then we’ve made sure that if I’m having a nut, it’s going to be good for me, like a nice peanut butter treat!

Readers in 2015 : 84,444

2. Went to Vet today: Blood in my dog pee

dog post pee

When my peep saw blood on that cold and snowy day she was so concerned that I was whisked to the vet faster than a dog’s shake of a tail. Lucky for me, it was only an infection. But we did learn it’s a lot more common that we thought.

Readers in 2015: 62,986

3. What’s in a Dog’s Mind Info-Graph

dog posts mindHave you ever just looked at your dog and wondered…. “what are you thinking!” Well my peep does all the time and is totally fascinated about the whole thing. Besides dreaming of my next meal, I am actually thinking about a whole lot of things!

Readers in 2015: 11,484

4. Bringing Home a New Puppy: How to Prevent Your Dogs from Feeling Jealous

dog posts puppySo far I’m still flying solo, but a lot of my readers we’re adding to the family pack. I know I can get quiet jealous when my peep pays attention to another dog when we’re out, I couldn’t imagine how I would feel if she brought the pup home!

Readers in 2015: 4,548

5. Can Dogs Have Attention Deficit Disorder?

dog posts 2015

I don’t have attention deficit disorder, I’m just trying to tell you that I’m actually bored, attention seeking or feeling anxious.

Readers in 2015: 9,110

Thanks for being part of the pack in 2015. We’re looking forward to another year of Wags, howls and fun in 2016! Let us know if there is anything you would like us to write about!