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I have to say that besides my peep being my personal assistant she is also a responsible pet owner. She keeps me on a schedule, doesn’t over feed me (even if that would be fine with me), keeps me healthy with regular vet visits, long walks and belly rubs.

She also celebrates my birthday, keeps my passport up to date, and makes sure I’m protected with my yearly jabs.


I have to say I’m a very lucky pup, and I’m happy to know that my peep is well organised!

So when Bayer contacted me and told me there was a pet assistant app that could help my peep stay organised easier and faster which would give her more time for play, I wanted to check it out.

About It’s A Jungle Out There

The Pet Life App from It’s a jungle out there is a free app that helps you manage all of your pet’s life. It’s a pet assistant app maggiePersonal Pet Assistant App that is available for either your iphone or android smart phone or tablet.

It keeps all your pets’ important details safe in one place, like linking to your vet’s contact information and chip details. It can also remind your peep with all the important events and dates in your busy doggy schedule.


Pet Assistant App

  • Keep your pets important details safe in one place.
  • Track their weight.
  • Get reminders for parasite protection treatments.
  • Alerts you on treatment timings, and insurance updates
  • Vet appointments and other important dates in their life.

My thoughts

Easy and Seamless. We simply downloaded the app and filled in my information. It took all my details like my birthdate, chip info, my breed plus connected my vet’s contact info all in one place.

Considering I am an 8 year old beagle and I sometimes gain a little too much weight it’s important to see if I am pet assistant detailsgaining or maintaining. My peep really liked how the app keeps track of my weight, something that she will now share with my vet.
Also considering my mum has a calendar on the wall for my prescriptions, like my worm pill and other jabs that keeps me protected, she has now added them to the app and will get a reminder when I need treatment.

The best part of the app is their resource page which is packed full of great information and videos so that you learn what affects your pet and how to protect your pet.

To us the app makes sense. It’s nice to have all my details and schedule just a click away!


Check it out

It’s A Jungle Out There

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Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Bayer – ‘it’s a jungle’. The Pet Life app is part of the ‘it’s a jungle’ programme from Bayer, which aims to help you keep your pet parasite free. For more information, please visit –