Review: The Hermitage Dogs – A Treasure To Read

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I love January, it’s the perfect time to relax, get cozy and settle down with a good book. Considering I love history and all things about dogs, I was more than pleased to start reading The Hermitage Dogs.

Hermitage Dogs bookThe Hermitage Dogs is a book for anyone who love dogs and know that dogs are more than just a pet. By combining amazing images from the State Hermitage Museum, the book weaves a historical tale of man and man’s best friend through the ages.

The book begins with the earliest thoughts of man alone in the world and his very first ally the dog; showcasing images from the 4th millennium when our bond began. From there we explore the different cultures and beliefs throughout the ages with dogs at our side.

Dogs have devotedly served poor shepherds and mighty kings, and even the gods.

Beautifully illustrated the book covers the hidden talents and capabilities of all things dog. Including  the secret language of symbols and allegories that man used to express his meaning with his furry companion.

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The book also gives you great history of how the different types of dog traits came to be, such as how man exploited the basic instincts of predator that is instilled in our dogs to guard his territory.

You will also be truly entertained in learning about the favourite pets of the House of Romanov, dogs in the religions of the world, in military history and in culture – all these topics are covered in a fascinating account.

My Hermitage Dogs Favourite Chapters

The Dog in the Kingdom of the Dead

We are massive Egyptian buffs and can never get enough about this ancient culture. Usually you will hear how Hermitage Dogs book deadEgyptian’s worshiped cats, but they also had Anubis, a Jackal and ruler of the kingdom of the dead.

The chapter also covers other cultural beliefs of dogs and death.

Sniffer Dogs

I’m a beagle so of course this chapter got my ears wiggling.  We all know that dogs have an exceptional sense of smell. Our ability to follow a trail inspired man to use us for their police work and detection.

Man’s Best Friend

hermitage dog mans bestAn inspiring chapter of man’s best friend displayed in beautiful images of old masters, ceramic and art. With a tale of something we already know, and that is the love of dogs.

About Hermitage

The State Hermitage Museum is located in the historical centre of Saint Petersburg. It is one of the oldest and largest museum in the world. Founded by Catherine the great, the museum was opened to the public in 1852.

With over 3 million items representing Antiquity, Western Europe, Middle East, Russia and much more.

Our thoughts

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Well it’s on our book shelf that sits in the lounge. It’s our bookcase where we keep our best coffee table and history books. Considering my peep is an avid dog lover, she enjoyed learning about the history of man and dog. Even more importantly on how man shared his love of dog through his art and culture.

Hermitage Dogs is not a book you would download as an e-book. It is a book that you want to handle and flip through. It’s a keeper and a treasure to read, enjoy and learn.

Perfect for any dog lover!


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Disclaimer: We would like to thank Unicorn Press for The Hermitage Dogs for our review. All opinions are our own.