Mookie, Mookie Me Please -It’s A Doggy Massage

doggy massage cover

Do you ever fancy a doggy massage or belly rub? I sure do and will take a belly rub anytime of the day, and there is nothing better than a good doggy massage from my peep, especially when she focuses on my head and ears. It’s the perfect thing to do after a long brisk winter walk.

While we were living in Hong Kong, my peep took a doggy massage course and learned how to make me feel terrific, unless she gets my tickle spot!

We usually snuggle up on the sofa and while my peep is watching a little TV she’ll give me a little body massage.

Lately my massages are gotten a whole lot better with a great little tool that not only gives me a great massage it also grooms me too! I call it my Mookie, mookie doggy massage.


Doggy Massage

Now if you have ever had a massage, you know how good and relaxing it feels. Dogs feel the exact same way and its good for us too! Here’s why:

  • It Improves our circulation: Pressuring and releasing muscles helps increase circulation. Great for muscles after a strenuous walk. Wonderful to help with arthritis.
  • Reduces Stress: Massage is proven to reduce stress and can really help an anxious dog relax.
  • You can find Injuries or Problems: Your dog should be checked regularly for bumps or anything unusual. What better way to do this than with a massage.
  • helps with pain: If your dog is recovering from an injury, a massage may help your dog along in the recovery process.
  • Bond: There is not better to connect with your pup


What’s A Mookie?

mookie massage colours

Mookie is a brand new made in the UK doggy massage and brush tool that your pet is going to love. Made in a great selection of colours and a breeze to use.

doggy massage hand

Made from soft rubber so that it’s easy to either grip or you can slip it on your finger  through the hole for a very easy hold.

The plastic round top massages your pet beautifully.  When you take the cap off it becomes a little mini grooming brush that can give your pet a little tickle while grooming. Mookie is about 7 cm long (21/2 inches) and is the perfect size to give your pet a little rub around the ears, head, legs or belly.

The best place to massage was down my back and near the base of my tail!

Mookie’s Story

doggy massage mookieDoddy you are just so clever, who would have thought that a little Westie terrier playing around in the hedgerows and thickets of grass would make a wag cool little product come to life.

You see Doddy is a little like me, we both hate the fuss of grooming. In fact if you saw my grooming brush you’d see all the teeth marks where I tried to chew it to bits.

However Doddy’s peep Patricia didn’t like seeing his fur all full of debris and tangled. She wanted something that could fit in her hand (so we dogs couldn’t see it?) to gently remove little tangles.

Dogs like us don’t know we’re being groomed. We think you are giving us a little massage and telling us how much you love us with all that feel good” attention.

How to Use

Well it’s simple as can be!

Cap on: Use little circular motions to massage your pet

Cap off: Stroke, circles or anything in between

Check out me trying it for the first time! Can you see when my peep hits my tickle spot in my video?

Where to use: At home, pop in your bag and take it with you and use it to keep your pet calm. It’s bright, it’s fun and I have to say this is one of the best products I’ve reviewed!

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