Animal Hearing VS. Human Info-Graph

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As you already know, we dogs have amazing hearing. We might not always listen, but we can hear the treat cupboard open from across the house. It’s true, dogs can hear better than humans and can hear sounds that your ears don’t even pick up.

When it comes to animal hearing in dogs, it’s a fact a dog’s sense of hearing is much keener than that of a human. In fact, the canine sense of hearing is second only to its sense of smell.

Dogs can hear sounds up to a distance of over four times what you can hear. this is why we already know who’s coming to the door before you do.

Dogs ears are shaped to amplify sound by their rounded shape; this is especially true for dogs with upright ears. We also have 18 muscles in our ears that help us to rotate our ears and tilt them in several directions. All the better to focus our ears to detect sound.

Our hearing comes from our ancestors the wolves, who used this ability to hear high-frequency sounds for hunting. Like that squeaky mouse!

Have you ever wondered how a human’s hearing compares to other animals? What about the kitty or horse? Also what animal has the best hearing range?

Well the good people at age UK decide to do a little research and gathered up some hearing facts about the top hearing animals on the planet.

I was truly amazed that rabbits could hear me over 3 kilometer away, no wonder their ears are so long!

Check out the info-graph and see where us dogs and you peeps rank!

Animal hearing Vs. Human

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