A Treat Jar Just For Me

treat jar cover

A treat jar just for me is music to my ears! A treat jar filled with treats just for me….even better! So when my peep started making these vintage inspired jars, I just knew I was going to be a lucky pup.

treat jar shelfEach jar is uniquely designed and compact.   Perfect to add your own homemade dog treats. They seal tight and are made of tin, to keep your treats fresh. Any dog lover would love to add this little treat jar on their shelf ready to give a treat to their favourite pooch.

Treat Jar

If there is that one dog in your household that insists that a treat is needed, then they need one of these little vintage treat tins pronto! It’s a great size to fill with tasty bits that you can leave around the house.

When it comes to us doggies and our treats, having a custom made jar is dog-gone requirement! After all, anything as important as a dog treat must have a special container! How else can you expect us to work on our tricks, if we don’t get a treat!

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Treat Jar

4.50 – 5.99