10 Signs That You Have A Dog Crush

dog crush cover

Everyone one knows how much their dog loves them. It’s easy to see in their wag, smile and loving eyes. We dogs love all the things you do for us and we know that you have a dog crush on us too!

So if your looking for the very best Valentine’s day, why not show your dog how much you love them and take them out for a beautiful walk and treat them to a lovey meal! It could be the best Valentine’s day ever!

You might have a dog crush…

1. You gush

dog crush

You gush about how your dog is cute, smart, cheeky and does all these things to make you smile. Congratulations, you have a dog crush!

2. Photos

dog cursh photos

Your mobile, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are full of photos of your dog.

3. You Get Excited

dog crush hug

Just as much as your dog does when you greet each other at the door

4. When your away from your dog

dog crush home monitoring app

You find yourself thinking about what your dog might be doing right now, and got a monitor and app to see how they are doing…you have a dog crush.

5. Shopping

dog crush shopping

When you find yourself shopping for clothes and thinking, “I wonder if I should pick up something nice for my pup,” you have a dog crush.

6. Favourite night in

dog crush snuggle

Great movie, sofa and a dog snuggled up next to you is the best night of the week.

7. Bedtime

dog crush sleeping

You subconsciously move to the edge of the bed so that dog has enough room.

7. Vacation Time

dog crush vacation

You start checking local trails, dog friendly beaches and hotels before booking your holiday.

8. Gazing

dog crush snooze

You catch your self gazing at your dog while it snoozes in a cute and adorable position. ummm…..dog crush!

9. Fur

dog crush fur

What dog fur? Your never fully dressed without a little fur and the sofa comes with fur.

10. Kisses

dog crush kiss

There is nothing better in your day that a snuggle and a kiss with your dog. It acutally makes your day all that more rewarding.


Dog Crush

If overall you idolize your dog to the point that you genuinely wish you were her, YOU HAVE A DOG CRUSH!

Isn’t that wonderful!