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What would be the perfect dog gift idea? I know I could personally think of a few, like a mountain of dog treats with no peep supervision! However we know that is not going happen.

So what do you think a dog would like as a gift that their peep would approve of too? Well a gift box could be the dog gift idea that works for everyone.

You see a friend of ours just got a rescue dog and we wanted to give them a gift to welcome them to the neighbourhood. Just as we were thinking our Pawsomebox arrived for us to check out and review. It was then that I suggested to my peep that perhaps Lulu the rescue dog and Lynda her owner would love to try a box. It would be a perfect gift and better yet Pawsomebox will deliver it right to their door too!

What is Pawsomebox?

Well, they are monthly subscription boxes for dogs. You can order just one or have a subscription for as long as you like.   Each month, they will send you 5-6 great products for pets, including premium treats & snacks, hygiene products, training aids, toys & chews, and all sorts of other goodies! It’s a great way to try something new.

Our Pawsomebox

M&M’s Kitchendog gift idea treats

Becky the baker makes these wholesome treats for dogs. In fact she has created a whole range of dog cakes and bakes without gluten, sugar and dairy. All all very healthy, and very tasty. Her Pawnut butter treats had the best crunch and were a great size too.  We were so happy to discover this paw-some baker and her range of yummy treats.

dog gift idea pawBiogance Paw Protection

It’s important to take care of your paws in the winter due to they can get cold and cracked which is very painful to us dogs. Boigance paw protection spray helps dogs who experience daily irritations or live in cold and chilly conditions.

The formula is rich in Allantoin and also contains zinc, sulfate, and fruit acids to help strengthen our pads. You can use the spray daily, just give a little squirt and rub into the paws.

Woof & Brew Drinkies

dog gift idea water

My peep drinks many different things, coffee, wine and tea. In fact she loves drinking herbal tea all day long. I’ve never really paid much mind when she did, until she suggested that I try a little herbal water.

So the first thing my peep did was pour a little into my bowl. I have to admit I was a little confused considering it was a liquid. However I took a sniff and then a taste. I have say it wasn’t bad, but it did feel a little different trying it.

So what is Drinkies by Woof & Brew all about? Well it’s made with 100% natural herbs which help keep your dog healthy. It aids in digestion and the absorption of nutrients, and has properties that help support the immune system.

I’m still not too sure about it, but I’ll see how I feel after a long and active run.

FluoFresh Raw-Hide Chews

dog gift idea chew

I do own a doggy toothbrush, but I can tell you that even with all that chicken flavoured paste I’m not a big fan of getting my teeth brushed! There just isn’t any joy in it at all.

However these chewy treats seems like a perfect solution to this oral hygiene problem. Made of compressed ox, it helps assist in the removal of tarter while I chew. It also helps to keep my breath nice and fresh!

Bring on the toys!

dog gift idea soft

Ancol Squeaky plush toy

I love my soft squeaky toys, and since I’m older now I don’t rip them apart in 5 nano-seconds minutes. Now I like to either rest my head on them while I sleep or I’ll give it a few tosses around the lounge.

InterTough Frisbee

dog gift idea toy

My peep really wishes she had these toys when I was a pup. Besides being made for the chew, destroy and kill type of dog play. This toy really holds up by being made with a tough reinforced rubber and strong canvas.

I personally loved the bright colours and liked that it was also a rope ball toy too.

Dog gift thoughts

So if your looking for a dog gift that’s all packaged up and ready to be delivered to your favourite pooch, a subscription box might be the perfect idea. A Pawsomebox has a whole bunch of fun things for dogs, and any peep dog lover would think it was a great dog gift idea too!  We can’t wait until Lulu gets hers.

Want One? Get One!

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Disclaimer: We would like to thank Pawsomebox for supplying us with a box for this post. All opinions are our own.