Dog Walks, Audio Books & Why I love it with my Peep

dog walks cover

I just love my daily dog walks which happens like clock work, once in the morning after breakfast and then my evening walk before bed. We always get out in the morning right after my breakfast and head to the commons here in Wimbledon Village.

My dog walks

dog walks commons

Wimbledon commons is 460 hectares of large open spaces, lakes, trails and even a cafe for a mid morning snack.  And it’s packed full of dogs enjoying every bit of space. It’s the perfect place to meet and greet other dogs, splash around in some muddy puddles and in summer you can dip your paws in one of the ponds.

My peep loves our dog walks too and she doesn’t mind if it’s rain or shine, it’s just when it’s windy that she gets a little frustrated. However she has all the walking gear to meet any type of weather, including her favourite all weather jacket,  plus a few things to keep her entertain as well.

Reading while she walks

dog walks mud

A few months ago my peep remembered one of her favourite pastimes, which was listening to audio books while multi-tasking. My peep thinks an audio book is a great way to learn something new while doing something else. In other words my peep feels she never has enough time to enjoy the pleasure of reading. She is usually too tired at the end of the day that all she wants to do is relax.

So lately on our walks she will pop in her ear plug and click her audio book on her mobile phone while I sniff around and play with my fellow dogs. She’s happy, I’m happy and I have admit she is reading great stuff about dogs.

She decided to try Audible, Amazon’s audio book website and marketplace 30 day free trial. After the free trial it’s £7.99 a month. Which enables her to download a new audio book of her choice. If she decides that she would want more books she can easily buy over her monthly book allowance at the standard Audible rates. They also send her notices of daily deals, to buy certain audio books with up to a 70% savings.

Currently she is reading  the Happy Puppy Box Set of books. Which contains:

Puppy Care

Puppy training

Essential Oils for Dogs

Dog Food Recipes (my personal favourite!)

Which she got for free with her 30 day trial. However Audible has over 200,000 books to choose from, anything from business books to the latest in fiction.

Why I love walking with my peep

dog walks meWalking with my peep is a luxury that we both love to do together. My dog walks are an important part of being a dog, this is where I get to socialize, get my exercise and of course do my business, all vital things to keep a dog happy and healthy.

I also know that my peep benefits from walking too. It’s good for her heart, it keeps her bones strong and her skin loves soaking up vitamin D.

Walking in Wimbledon Commons is where I feel connected not only with nature, but with my peep. Time slows down and we become a pack exploring the sights, sounds & smells. I love the sense of physical exhaustion at the end of long dog walks, muscles that are tired out because they’ve been worked to let me to play while panting & running up hills with other dogs.

What I do love most is how beautiful our walks are and when I check back to see if she is there, it really makes me smile to see her engrossed in her audio book while smiling back at me.

Do you enjoy your dog walks?