Pet Portraits By Paint Your Life- Review

Custom pet portraits have to be the very best gift to receive or give to a special pet lover, especially when you can turn your favourite photo into a stunning piece of art.

Pet portraits hold a special place in the heart of the person who receives it and it’s a loving gift that will create memories that will last a lifetime.  Whether it is of a current pet or of one who has passed away, a custom pet  portrait can be given as a unique gift to commemorate any occasion or just because.

Now if your thinking that it’s time to have a beautiful art piece of your pet, Paint Your Life may be the perfect choice in getting exactly what you want.


Pet portraits by Paint Your Life

PaintYourLife started in 2006 with a studio employing several talented portrait painters who crafted oil paintings according to their clients photos. With a clear objective of creating custom art work with quality at an affordable price.

Today their studio offers high quality handmade paintings from photos to clients around the world.

But what let’s them stand out is their customer service, where they listen to their customer’s needs before, during and after. They also use the latest techniques and the best materials to ensure a suburb quality piece of art.  They’re artist who care about their work.

Professional Portrait Painters

They staff a whole collection of artists with talents from pencil drawings to oil paintings. If you go to their about page you’ll find a selection of artist and get to learn a little about them.

pet portraits artists

How it works

pet portraits maggie1. We started with a cute photo of me and uploaded it to their website. If you’re not sure which photo you would like painted, they have a great option that let’s you ask an artist which one would be best to convert to a pet portrait.

After you upload your photos they even have a box where you can add notes to the artists. This is great if you want something removed from the photo, like for example something in the background that you don’t want painted.

pet portraits art 2

2. Next add your email, so that artist can be in touch with you. Click next and choose your medium, we decided on a colour pencil portrait. Then click on the number of subjects in your painting, for us it was just me. You also have the option to select your background and if you would like the artist to sign your painting.

pet portraits art

3. Here you can add what size of portrait you would like and if you would like it framed or not. Then all you need to do is review your order and check out with a 20% deposit.

You’ll only be asked to pay the balance of your painting once you have had a chance to review and approve it by their online proof. And if you’re still a little nervous, don’t worry, they are there to help.  I have to say their customer service is amazing.  They are available by phone, email or online chat to help you create the perfect portrait from your photos. They are there to assist you with:

  • Edits
  • Help you make decisions on which photos would make the best custom painting
  • And they will tell you when your painting is on its way so that you can track it easily.

My Thoughts

It’s a great service and so easy to use with just a few clicks you’re ready for your custom pet portraits to become reality. But what I think sets them apart is having a talented artist able to help you with your photo selection. It’s a question that always pops up when I think about having a painting done. Would it look good this way? Should I do it as an oil painting or watercolour? With PaintYourLife you have a profession right there who can help you every step of the way.  And I believe that is exactly what you want, when ordering art online.

Check them out

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Check out their online gallery and shop for more examples and to commission a portrait of your special furry friend!






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