Nutrition And Healthy Dog Teeth = Healthy Dog

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Are you worried about dog teeth problems? Have you dealt with dog dental problems? Then read on. We can help you with your problems with your loving companion canine, and you should not have to worry about any of the things that go along with having a dog that is beginning to show signs of age in their teeth. The sign of age in their teeth here include bad breath, tartar build up, or even worse, your friends may experience difficulty eating.


Dental problems in dogs are common, and teeth problems in dogs can partly be prevented by healthy homemade dog treats. There are also some other things that you can do to prevent the decay and loss of your dog’s teeth, too. We know that your ultimate goal is to make sure that your dog lives a long, happy life with you.

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Choose a Great Food

One thing you’ll want to make sure you do is choose a great food for your dog. Pick one that is healthy, above all. Make sure that the food you pick has been approved by the food and drug administration, and be mindful of harsh chemical and preservatives. Try to choose one that is of a higher-quality than the generic foods that so many like to give their animals. The dogs are just like us. Keep in mind that the concept “You are what you eat” can be applied to our friends too when it comes to their diet. Want them to be healthy? Make sure you choose a good food for them. This is not only for their oral health, but for their overall health in the long term.


Choose Healthy Treats

You also want to make sure that you choose healthy treats for your animals. This is of utmost importance. You can always talk to your veterinarian about what the best food and treats for your dog are, and he or she can surely recommend a diet of food and treats for your pet that you can live with and make your dog happy with.


Chew toys and rawhide treats are great, too. They can greatly improve your dog’s health by making sure that you have a good chewing toy that will exercise his or her teeth and gums. If your dog’s teeth have tartar on them, they will build up bacteria, and a good toy or rawhide chewie can make sure this gets broken down in play.

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No People Food for Your Dog

You’ll also want to avoid giving your dog people food. This is key. Dog foods are made especially for your pet, and you need to make sure that you’re feeding your dog a balanced diet of dog food, made just for him or her. Many people foods can affect the ability of dogs to digest their food. Not a good thing at all. If the texture of the food is not right, then the dog can have problems chewing, and this can lead to problems with teeth as well as problems with stomach and other things. This is especially true for some types of human food which can be highly toxic to our friends, and should be forbidden entirely. People food is made for people, not our canine friends.


So, as you’ve probably learned with yourself, you want to give your pet the best in food. And oral health for dogs can be extended from food to chew toys and other things that can make your dog happy and lead to better teeth for life. So, talk to your vet about a good diet, give your dog a rawhide or chew toy that can help the bacteria get off his or her teeth, and strictly avoid feeding him or her from your plate (this is a big no-no).


If you do these things, your dog should be happy and healthy for many years, and we wish you the best of lives together. Happy health to your dog! And happy health to you and yours, also, for many years to come.

How do you take care of your dog’s teeth?