The 5 Manliest Dog Breeds

The manliest dogs are not necessarily the most macho. In addition to raw power, they are judged by their agility, strength, size endurance and appearance, and personality as well as intelligence. These 5 dog breeds are the perfect blend of brawn and brains.

Manliest Dogs


1. Rhodesian Ridge Back:

Also known as African lion dogs this breed earned its name by standing up to packs of lions in the African Savannah. They have thick coats suited for the harsh wilderness. They are also muscular and agile. They may not have the same threatening power as the other manly breeds but their combination of strong body, sheer intelligence and versatility makes them such a manly breed. They are known to be wonderful dogs with an incredibly attractive temperaments and loyalty. While the Rhodesian ridgeback is generally considered healthy by purebred standards, hereditary health risks like vision impairment; spinal cord problems and bloat make owning this breed very expensive. Do your homework before adopting a ridgeback, check health records and I you don’t have the cash to cover an out-of-pocket health crisis, consider dog health insurance to help pay for veterinary bills.

manliest dog breeds

2.Black Labrador:

These broad headed and thick necked pooches are the most humanized yet naturally outdoorsy breed of all dogs. They are still tenacious pets known for their retriever instinct sand desire to work and help their owners. Their manliness stems from their brilliant responsiveness amidst a rather tough and versatile personality. They are strength under control and power that is disciplined. Labs are also extremely good with children and have keen protective instincts that make them great for single guys and dads.

Black Labrador manliest dog

3.Blood Hound:

They are able to connect with both kids and adults all the while sizing you up and planning what to do. These dogs are best known for their imposing presence which is more a function of their personality than it is about their size. Blood hounds are very skilled and stubborn  and early obedience training is mandatory with this breed. Imposing size and an aggressive attitude make the Blood hound a favorite tough-guy dog.

Manliest Dog bloodhound

4.German Shepherd:

These dogs are the definition of a perfectly balanced canine. On one hand they are fierce and territorial on the other hand they are loyal and gorgeous. They are very utilitarian and tough but also mellow hearted and modest. German shepherds have the size of a big dog with the personality of a supple yet restrained breed. Their manliness stems from their ability to straddle these multiple contradictions of size, personality, strength and social mien with ease. They make for disciplined and useful dogs when properly trained.

Manliest Dog German Sheppard



Rottweilers are strong, independent and fierce dogs that ought to be trained early to channel their energy and toughness most productively. They are misrepresented as unstable and deadly animals though this is merely a natural function of their need to master and dominate their

surroundings. Trained Rottweilers make for the best guards and most conservative dog breed on this list.

Rottweiler manliest dog

Author Bio Photo Manliest DogAuthor Bio: Dr. Pippa Elliott BVMS, MRCVS, is a veterinarian with over two decades of experience treating cats and dogs. She is also a research contributor to When she’s not working, she’s relaxing at home in London with a house full of her own beloved pets.