Naturo Dog Food 30 Day Taste Challenge & Review

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A few months ago my peep was contacted by Naturo the dog food company that uses 100% natural ingredients and wanted to know if I would be interested in trying their complete dog food for a month.  Considering I usually have home cooked food with kibble they thought Naturo would be the perfect food as an alternative as they use the same ingredients that my peep uses in my food. We were up for the challenge and agreed to try their food for a month.

First of all, it’s made with real food that dogs crave and has a healthy blend of ingredients:

  • Their first ingredient depending on the flavour is either turkey, chicken & lamb, salmon or duck (60% meat).
  • 20% Brown rice and 15%
  • Supplemented with essential vitamins, minerals and oils.
  • All the benefits of home cooked dog food.

Better and even more important is that Naturo dog food contain no rendered meats or derivatives, no wheat, corn or soya, colours, taste enhancers, preservatives sweeteners or any other nasty bits that you can’t pronounce.

naturo dog food

About Naturo Dog Food

Naturo is made in Northern Ireland by the Mackle family who have been creating high quality pet food from the family farm for over 40 years.

Naturo Pet Foods are committed to sourcing all ingredients locally where possible and can ensure full traceability back to the farms of their reputable suppliers.


Our Experience

Considering my peep has been busy these last few months with opening our shop, she was very happy to start trying Naturo dog food and see if I liked it. She was also wanted to see the same healthy benefits in my condition. She wanted to make sure

  • I was feeling active and had lots of energy.
  • That my coat was soft and shiny
  • That I didn’t itch
  • And most importantly (to her) that I had nice poos!


naturo dog food wiseNow I am 9 years old and I consider myself quite wise. I’m active and know the taste of fresh food. I know what I like and don’t like. You can ask anyone, I may be a beagle, but I will turn my nose up on things I don’t like. Now you know why my nickname is Dame Maggie.


So my peep decided to try all four flavours due to when she cooks for me, it’s different each week as well. She liked the packaging, which by the way is made from 100% recyclable materials. It was easy to open, and easy to store.


Taste Test

Well first of all it looked like one of my peep’s meatloaves that she makes. You could see all the ingredients and the texture had a nice chucky feel. All the better to gobble down.


And yes I did gobble it down. I was just as happy eating Naturo, so my peep may be out of a job.


30 Days later

I have to say I liked all of the flavours of Naturo, with duck being my favourite. What my peep liked was that I was always excited at meal time. I am happy and active and most importantly my poos look great. They must look great due to my peep is always picking them up in little bags.

So would I recommend Naturo dog food to my fellow dogs? You bet. In fact we liked it so much we decided to stock it in our shop.

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