Myth: Raw Meaty Bones Are Not Good for Small Dogs

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Raw meat for pet dogs has always received negative flak as far as health issues are concerned. Due to this logic, many pet owners have considered cooked meat to be healthy for their pets. Or is it? Maybe it’s time to re-think the unfavorable rumors circulating around raw meat and consider facts such as those discussed below.


And the main question is raw meat for pets safe to consume?


Dogs are primarily carnivores by nature; raw meat is handled well by their digestive system. Dogs are equipped with an anti-bacterial protection in the form of their saliva containing lysozyme, the same enzyme that rapidly heals their wounds. Other factors that help fight bacteria from the raw meat are:

  • Dogs have a short digestive tract to prevent colonizing of bacteria
  • The acidic environment within the gut ensures a bacteria free zone
  • Salmonella, a potential infection, is safely pushed out through defecation

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How are many infections linked with raw meat unsafe for humans but safe for dogs?


Humans bodies are designed differently compared to those of dogs; while many infections such as E. coli, salmonella, and other bacterial infections are a threat to us, your pet dog, on the other hand, is quite safe due to an awesome evolutionary design. Pet dogs carry characteristics of wolves and wolves are well-known to be agile, fierce, and built larger due to their diet consisting mainly of raw meat.


So does Raw Meat carry Health Benefits for my pet?


Yes! Raw meat does indeed carry a host of benefits for your pet in the form of:

  • A shinier coat for your pet
  • A direct improvement to endurance and energy levels
  • Smoother and regular stools
  • Strong and cleaner teeth

Racing greyhounds, as well as sled dogs, are known to be fed with raw meat by their handlers due to the sheer amount of nutrition it carries as opposed to lost nutrition while cooking.

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Why is cooking meat not as healthy as raw meat for my pet?


Cooking any kind of meat removes layers of protein and vitamins. Meat that is well cooked can also lead to some serious fatal consequences such as:

  • Bones can splinter into smaller pieces that can risk your pet into rupturing its internal organs
  • Cooked meat is loaded with seasonings, which can cause adverse health effects to your pet
  • Raw meat has the right balance of minerals, cooking the meat can lower these ratios.


Are there any particular drawbacks for raw meat to ensure before feeding the pet?


While raw meat is nutritious for your pet, caution must be taken to ensure your pet safely consumes the meat such as:

  • Large bones should be removed, feed only the muscle region for a healthy diet
  • Ground red meat is preferable to steak slabs due to ease of digestion
  • Avoid feeding your dog pork due to the risk of contracting trichinosis

Raw pet food is frowned upon by many veterinarians due to the skepticism that cooked meat negates food poisoning. However, many animal enthusiasts agree that raw meat has improved their pet’s lethargic state into an active playful one.



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Educate yourself with the right information on raw meat


While many experts make strong claims on red meat being harmful, it has never been proven by research or scientific case studies that raw meat has in fact harmed pet dogs, this video by Dr. Karen Becker explains why raw meat is safe for consumption in detail.

Remember that your pet dog is far more resistant to bacterial infection than a human like yourself. We all react differently to the same food.


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