3 Simple Tips To Cleaning Up Dog Fur

Most of the people love their dogs but hate seeing dog fur everywhere. Pets are part of the family. They love us unconditionally and create comfort in our home. If you are a happy owner of a dog, you have probably already tried everything to get rid of the fur in your home. It may not be very pleasant to see dog hairs everywhere around you but don’t forget that this is not your dog’s fault. Because of the static charge dogs have, their fur sticks easily to every surface.

Here are the areas in your home that gather a lot of dog fur and some helpful tips how to clean them


Wooden furniture

Once in the air, dog hairs reach fast every surface and shelf in our home. You can remove fur of wooden furniture by using a soft towel and antiseptic spray. This will eliminate the static charge and allow you to remove all dog hairs from the shelves of the wooden furniture. Moreover, the antiseptic spray will keep the fur away from the furniture for a long time.


dog fur on bed

Upholstery and bed

We rarely prevent our loved animals from jumping on our bed or laying on the couch next to us. Later when we see their fur on our clothes, we realise that we need to figure out how to get rid of it. The most efficient way to eliminate the pet hairs on your upholstery furniture and bed sheets is by using a pair of rubber gloves. First, make the gloves wet, put them on and then slide your hands on all couches and sofas in your home. It is not enough to clean only the seats. Slide your hands on every side of the furniture, including the back. When you are ready with the upholstery, do the same with the bed sheets. Keep in mind that you will need to wash the gloves a couple of times, in order to remove the fur that has stuck to them.

If you suffer from allergies, simply cleaning your upholstery might not be enough. In cases like these, opting for an air purifier for your bedroom that is designed for allergies will help.


Floor and carpets

dog fur on carpet

If you have a dog, the big balls of fur on the floor are no surprise. Carpets also gather a lot of pet hair and getting it out can be difficult. In order to maintain a healthy environment for your family, hoovering the floor and the carpets regularly is a must are saying professionals from carpet cleaning group Hampstead. However, not everyone has the time to do that every day. In this case, buying a robot vacuum can be a very practical solution. With this automatic device, you can get rid of the dog fur on your floor and carpets without lifting a finger.


Dog fur is an inseparable part of having a dog. Instead of getting frustrated when you see pet hairs everywhere, groom your dog every day and make these easy procedures a daily routine. They are not going to take you a lot of time and will help you decrease the amount of dog fur in your home. However, there is no magic solution that can help you get rid of the dog fur completely. Accept the fact that there is always going to be fur in your house and you are the one who needs to deal with it. The best thing to do is to spend more time playing with your dog and less thinking about its fur.