5 Of The Best Games to Play With Your Dog

dog play cover

The best thing about having a dog is the playtime with him. Those few moments that you devote to your darling pooch and make him jump, run, search, swirl, etc. with a wagging tail, an enthusiastic spirit and a happy being can make your otherwise dull, boring, sad or exhausting day pleasingly memorable for you. Playing with your furball can be that much super fun.


Besides that it contributes to your happiness, it also takes care of your dog’s overall well-being and enrichment. Now because physical activity that keeps both of you engrossed in is really recommended for the sake of your and your dog’s health and happiness, it makes sense to find games that are interesting and enable you to make the most of that playtime. Read on to find out games to play with your happy buddy on four legs.


1. Go. Fetch

dog play fetch

No dog ever felt any less unenthusiastic to play the age-old fetch game. No matter what reserves of energy your dog has, this game will tire him out completely while ensuring that he is getting the best form of exercise. For dogs, playtime means something that is going to involve run, run and run. All you have to do is throw a stick or a toy that your dog responds to at a distance as per the ability of the dog to cover.


While pugs would not be able to cover much of the distance and rounds, breeds like retrievers can cover a considerable distance and rounds without any discomfort. But make sure you play the game in your open lawn on natural or artificial grass to have the maximum benefits of this game. And it is really important to know when to stop playing by recognizing the signs of exhaustion in your dog.


2. Find the treat

play sniff

Dogs are often known for their power of smelling. To know the extent to which your dog can go with his smelling instincts, you can play the game of finding the treat. The only thing that would excite your pampered pooch, apart from the fact that he has such a good master and that it is a playtime, is going to be the appetizing smell of the treat you have hidden on purpose. To make the game interesting and the treat traceable by your dog, don’t forget to leave a trail of scent behind by rubbing the treat here and there along the way. Teasing your dog’s taste-buds and prodding him into finding the treat can work in many ways on your dog. You can play this game indoors as well as outdoors.


3. Chase the prey

dog chase play

There would be something maybe a toy, cloth or pillow that your dog is possessive about. You can use that thing to play the game of ‘chase the prey.’ In this game, what you have to do is tie that thing to a stick and drag it at a pace. Don’t forget to take breaks along the way as your little pooch needs time to muster up energy. This slow pursuit would work on the ability of your dog to focus.


4. Recognize the sound

play hear

This is one such activity wherein you engage your furball in a game that tests him on his auditory perception. In this game, what you are required to do is hide the toys of your dog that make sound upon squeezing, and make some arrangements such that the toys make their sound after an interval. After that, encourage your dog to find those toys by following the sound. This can be best played indoors.


5. Agility training

dog play Agility

Build an obstacle course set-up for your dog in your backyard and make him undergo an agility training session by following you. For obstacles, you can use boxes, ropes, tyres, cones, planks, cardboards, etc. This game is a combination of most of the games mentioned above.