5 Dog Fur Types and How to Groom Them

dog fur type

Just like the diversity of human hair, dog fur comes in all types and textures. Before you begin a grooming regimen for your beautiful dog, it is best to understand their personal fur type and how to care for it.

So what category of dog fur does your pup belong to? Let’s take a look at 5 dog fur types and how to groom them.

Dog Fur Types

Long Fur

dog fur types long

Don’t be intimidated by your dog’s long luxurious fur. Many dog owners opt to just shave the long coat off to rid themselves of the hassle. While this is a viable option, a regular grooming regimen can keep your dogs beautiful long coat looking its best.

You will need a comb or pin brush and a soft bristle brush. You may want to invest in a detangle spray to use after baths to prevent matting and increase shine. First use the pin brush to rid the fur of all tangles and then go over it again with the soft bristle brush. Do this once a day to keep your dog tangle free and gorgeous.

Regular trims (usually about once a month or so) will keep your dogs coat at optimum health and beauty. For more information about caring for long fur, follow this helpful link: http://www.wikihow.com/Groom-a-Longhair-Dog

Wiry Coat

dog fur types wiry

Another name for this unique coat is a “Broken coat.” This course coat type requires the use of a slick brush and a stripper brush.

The stripping brush works to de-mat those stubborn tangles and remove loose fur. This really makes your dog’s fur “pop” and grow healthily. Next use a slicker brush to smooth out the coat. Detangler spray is also very useful on this fur type to prevent matting.


dog fur types hairless

You might think that a “hairless” breed dog does not really need grooming. These dogs need TLC just like all the rest. Dogs like the Chinese crested are hairless on the body but have fur on their heads and feet.

The little hair they do have can get matted especially on their toes. Using a fine tooth comb on their feet can easily prevent this. Regular baths and gentle soaps are best for these breeds.

A dog-friendly lotion is great for hairless dogs. Also, don’t skip on the sunscreen when you go out on a hot summer day. The sensitive skin of hairless dogs is very prone to sunburn.

Curly Fur

dog fur types curly

Curly fur is much like wire coats except much softer. These thick and soft curls tend to stay close to the skin and can form unique and difficult to remove mats. They form so close to the skin and under the curls that you may not notice them until they have become unmanageable.

I once owned a Maltipoo (a Maltese-poodle mix) that had this problem. I did not regularly groom and I ended up having to buzz her down and start anew. For this type of coat, you will need a soft slicker brush for daily grooming.

Daily grooming may seem tedious but it only takes a few minutes a day and can help you bond with your dog. Bathe your dog regularly with a conditioning shampoo and towel dry them. When brushing, brush against the direction that the fur grows. This helps the coat poof out and prevents tangles.

Short and Smooth Coat

dog fur types smooth

This coat does not need to be groomed often and is by far the easiest type to care for. Quality is much more important than quantity when it comes to bathing and grooming these dogs.

Before bathing, use a soft bristle brush and brush against the growth of hair. This removes dirt and loose fur from the coat. Afterward, brush the coat again in the direction of the coats growth. Bathe, towel dry, and done!


You don’t have to be a professional groomer to keep your dog’s coat beautiful and healthy! No matter what type of fur your dog has, a regular and loving grooming regimen will keep them comfortable and looking their best!

Shoot us a comment if you have any questions. We also LOVE to hear about your personal experiences. Good luck and happy grooming! What dog fur types have you groomed?

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