Easy Ways to Save Money on Dog Care

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Dog care is expensive especially if you have several dogs. Getting to know some dog care tips is very important. Many people have dogs as pets. Dogs are the best pets you can ever have. Dogs can be expensive especially if an illness or health concern occurs. Considering the economic hardships we have today, it is imperative to know and understand how we can save money when it comes to caring for our dogs. Many pet owners believe that saving money when caring for a dog involves quality care. This is true but there are other unique ways to provide quality care without spending a lot. Below are the tips:

1.  Feed your dog with healthy food

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Healthy food is good for your dog. Healthy food will not pose any health risk to your dog. Dogs that feed healthy reduce the chances of illnesses. It is not a must you buy expensive food for your dog. There are different dog foods on the market selling at a reasonable price. Try to incorporate natural dry food in your dog’s diet. When you’re buying food for your dog, buy in bulks. Buying food in large amount reduces the cost. This will help you save money.

1.     Brush your dog’s teeth daily and trim the nails

Many pet owners ignore their dog’s teeth. Brushing your dog’s teeth can help you save money you would have used for the treatment of several health complications. Dental prophylaxis cost includes general anesthesia, antibiotics and sometimes x-rays and pre-surgical blood work to determine the extent of your dog’s dental conditions. These expenses are unnecessary and should be avoided. Proper dental care will help avoid future expenses.

Nail trimming is very important. The consequences of long nails are painful feet. When your dog walks on your kitchen floor or hard surfaces, nails are pushed back up. This will put pressure on toe joints, and the toe will twist to the side. The toe becomes sore and can result in arthritis. This disease can involve a lot of medical expenses.

2.     Inexpensive Heartworm preventative

Heartworm preventative is essential to your dog but should be one of the cheapest products for your dog’s health care. You should not spend a lot on these products. Companies that sell these products markup the price of products used unreasonably. Veterinarians and drug companies benefit from this program. If you’re buying heartworm preventative, you can buy online if you have prescription from your veterinarian. These are not daily products. You should only buy when it is necessary.

3.     Neuter or Spay your dog

Spaying or castrating your dog will help avoid diseases such as pyometra. Pyometra is uterus infection. In today’s economy, it is not easy to raise puppies. Puppies require a lot of care and expenses. Spaying will help solve all those problems. You will not have unwanted puppies. According to the latest research, spaying prevents ovarian, uterine and testicular cancer. You can opt to visit a cost effective neutering/spaying clinic in your area.

4.     Vaccine your dog only when needed/necessary

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Many people spend a lot of money on unnecessary vaccinations. There is a misconception that vaccination prevents health risks and improves your dog’s health. This is not true. Research shows that over-vaccination causes many health complications that can cost you a lot to treat. When you’re buying a vaccine or visiting a local veterinarian, always buy or visit the veterinarian who doesn’t charge much. Some brands are very expensive and others a cheap and works pretty fine just like expensive vaccines.

1.     Physical exams at home

As it was said, prevention is better than cure. Physical exams at home are very important to the life and health of your dog. If your dog has a health complication such as small growth, it can be treated early at a lower cost. If the growth grows big, the veterinarian will charge you a lot of money for the surgery. Any dental disease or complication will be detected early and treatment will not be as expensive. Always do physical exams at home for the health of your dog and also to avoid unnecessary future expenses.


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If you’re a pet/dog owner and you have been spending a lot on unnecessary things, you need to consider the above tips to help you spend less for your dog’s health. The cost of living is very high as well as the price of pet products. It is important to take the necessary steps and spend less on your dog’s care.



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