Strange Dog Noises – What Does That Mean!

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Know Your Dog’s Noises

It’s funny when you think about it. Whenever a friend or family member makes a peculiar noise – be it a high-pitched sneeze or humming throat clear – we giggle and tease. But when our pets do the same thing, alarm bells suddenly start ringing. What were those strange dog noises coming from my pet!

We’re all prone to making strange sounds, and 99% of the time these noises are completely harmless. The same goes for our pet pooches, but because they cannot communicate with us in quite the same way, it’s easy to assume that something may be wrong.

You can avoid turning into a hypochondriac dog owner by understanding a little more about the different sounds that these animals can make – from stomach growls to vocal whines.

Here is everything you need to know about the more unusual dog noises. 

Funny tummy

Dog Noises tummy

Both humans and dogs experience rumbling stomachs on an occasional basis. Extreme hunger, or scoffing down a plate of food far too quickly, is the usual cause. Dog stomach growls can sound a little different to humans’, and the magnitude and tone will vary depending on their size and age. But, more often than not, a funny tummy noise simply indicates that the stomach is a little unsettled and nothing more. The only time you need to be concerned about your pet’s belly noises is when they persist for long periods of time, or when they are accompanied by other symptoms like reduced appetite, extreme fatigue and vomiting. Otherwise, those weird gargles and wobbles are likely to be benign.

Reverse sneezing

Dog Noises reverse sneeze

There are a number of odd noises which are specific to particular breeds of dog. Yorkies, for example, have a habit known as reverse sneezing, which can often happen when they snuffle up pollen or dust. Instead of shaking and sneezing the irritation away like most dogs, these sprightly canines gasp for fresh air instead, which causes them to make a goose-like honking sound. It sounds very odd but it’s completely normal, and will often pass after a few seconds when the sinuses clear.

Raspy whines

Dog Noises dashie

Some of the more sociable dogs, such as Chihuahuas, Shih Tzus, and Dachshunds, may end up making very unusual noises simply because they are trying too hard to be heard. A bit like a small baby who has been crying for hours on end, an overenthusiastic pooch will bark and scoff to the point where the vocal chords become strained – which is what causes raspy whines. This is often nothing to worry about. When gregarious groups of canines get overstimulated, they develop a “sore throat” like any shouting human might. If it becomes a regular thing, you might need to take your pooch for re-training.

Jumbled noises

Dog Noises puppies

It’s not uncommon for puppies to jumble up their vocal sounds, leading to a yelp-cum-bark-cum-whimper noise that isn’t quite like anything you’ve heard before in your entire life. This because youthful dogs are still finding their way in the world, and don’t always know exactly how to feel. Shortly after purchasing a new puppy from you may hear your cute little canine squealing, growling and whining all at once. Don’t get too alarmed. It’s a pretty common occurrence in dogs this age.


If your furry friend starts to make some strange noises all of a sudden, keep a watchful eye over them instead of getting flustered. The chances are they’re perfectly fine, and you’ll only need to act if the issue persists or your dog is in clear discomfort.