4 Ways To Keep Your Pet Entertained On A Long Car Trip

Going for a long trip by car can turn into a nightmare if not planned well, especially when you have a pet. Leaving them in a care centre or your friend’s house is a bit heart-breaking, because you want the whole family to be there. The problem is how to make this trip easy for your pet and the rest of the family. We know dogs are like children. If not entertained, they can make a total mess, not just in the house, but also in the car. If you travel alone with your pet, you can have much more trouble. While you drive, others can play and entertain your pet, but if you are alone, that’s where the problem starts. Whether you travel alone or with the rest of the family, here are some tips to help you make your pet entertained during the trip.

Make It Look Like Home

Pet Entertained home

Before you hit the road, make your vehicle look similar to the place your pet spends most of its time. It’s very important for them to feel like home during the trip. Decorate your SUV or Fido’s crate with blankets so it is comfortable for them to stay in such a place for a longer part of the day. This will not be as entertaining as other things, but it will make your furry travel companion happy.  Getting used to travelling is of the utmost importance for your pet. Take shorter trips before the long one. Make your pet accustomed to travelling so it doesn’t freak out once the long drive starts.


 Pet Entertained toy

I’ve already mentioned decorating your pet’s crate. Besides blankets that make it feel like cosy home, stuff as many toys as you can in it. It will keep your pet occupied enough and it will not get bored playing with the same toys. Also, if possible, get some new toys before the trip to surprise your pet. Toys can make pets occupied for hours. In combination with sleep, breaks and you talking to them, the trip will be nothing but a pure pleasure for everyone. When it comes to feeding your pet, one way is to have it eat its food using a dog feeder automatic. This will help many dog owners less worried during the trip because they can have their dogs fed inside their crates.


 Pet Entertained talk

If you don’t have a chance to talk with someone, you’ll probably get bored or fall asleep. The same happens to your pet. This is good for those who travel alone with their pets. Tell them about the trip, the plans and all the places you’re going to visit, things you want to see.  Dogs are very responsive when it comes to their names and their owner’s voice. This way, you’ll entertain yourself and your dog too. If the whole family is travelling, then let everyone talk from time to time.


Pet Entertained walk

Whatever do you, you need to take a break just to relax and gain energy to keep going. Not only humans, animals need that too. You can take a break every two hours, for 20 to 30 minutes, so you dog can stretch its legs, take a short walk and have some comfort breaks from being in its crate. On your way to your destination, you can take breaks on stops where other people do as well so your dog can meet other pets and play with them. After a long day of driving, try to find a pet friendly accommodation so you can afford a home-like atmosphere to your pet.

Have a nice trip!

 Make sure to have everything you need for a wonderful trip and vacation with your your best furry buddy. If you are accustomed to travelling, your pet may not be. Prepare them for the adventure and let them enjoy the trip as much as you do. Having a happy pet during the trip will make you happy as well.