Animal Therapy is Beneficial for Emotional Support

Animal Therapy benefits

Have you every considered animal therapy? A number of studies have proven the fact that owning a pet provides a lot of health benefits in the elderly. Animal therapy can help stabilise spiking blood pressure and even prevent major heart attacks from occurring.

Countless studies have also indicated that when the elderly are in the presence of a pet, they are more likely to be stable, happy and active.

One major issue that older people may deal with is depression. Pets are also known to reduce the symptoms of depression and initiate the element of joy among all people.

When older people interact with an animal, they feel more responsible for their actions and are extra careful with their pet. They can easily bond with the animal and even take part in various physical activities which is good for their health.


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Improved Mental Health

Older people are more prone to mental disorders and they can be severe. These disorders are hard to treat because the mental strength of such people is generally low. However, having a pet has shown smaller yet effective improvements among them.


A number of older people who where pet owners were tested and it was concluded that they scored more on mental levels compared to the people who didn’t own a pet.

Animal Therapy people

Having a dog or any other animal as a pet makes the owner feel more responsible and sensible in a lot of ways. Older people are more likely to have dementia due to which they can easily have personality changes, anger issues and memory processing problems. However, animal therapy helps in this condition as well. When a bond is developed between a human and an animal then it is much easier for a person to trigger past memories when they get in touch with the pet they have spent time with.


Many studies have proven that small activities such as feeding, petting and playing with animals can help treat a number of mental disorders.


Impact on Physical Health

A significant number of physical benefits were observed by doctors in older people who owned a pet. They were more into physical activities and had less joint problems because of how they used to walk frequently for smaller intervals along with their pets.

These smaller activities help them find the willpower to keep moving their body which is very important for the blood to circulate. Constant circulation of blood causes less level of fatigue and reduced pain in the joints.


Drawbacks of Having a Pet

Can having a pet have drawbacks? Yes. It can. The primary drawback is that they can be expensive to nurture. Firstly, pets are very costly. Then there’s the amount of food they consume and there’s a dire need to clean up their mess because if neglected it can lead to several diseases.

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A great alternative to owning a dog would be connecting with an animal therapy provider. This way you’re not the owner but you can spend quality time with the animal and enjoy all the same benefits.