Travelling With Your Dog -5 Top Dog Travel Tips

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Nowadays, as many more destinations are dog-friendly, travelling with your dog is much easier than it used to be- even if you are looking to go abroad! However, that being said, it is still important to be prepared for travelling with your dog, as a lack of forward thinking and preparation can make it a lot more difficult than it needs to be. In order to make your trip with your dog as easy as possible, here are our top 5 dog travel tips!

1.Dog Identification

 travelling with your dog tag

It is important that your dog is identifiable anyway, even at home, but when your dog is in unfamiliar surroundings, there is a higher chance of them getting lost. Under current UK law, dogs over 8 weeks old must be microchipped, meaning that if they were to get lost, they could be identified as yours and you could be contacted. As well as this, your dog should wear a collar and tag with your contact number, so that anyone can contact you should they find your dog, without needing to visit a vet.


2.Take Regular Breaks

 travelling with your dog rest

Long journeys can be difficult for dogs, particularly in warmer temperatures. You should aim to take a break approximately every two hours of your journey, allowing your dog to eat, drink and get some exercise at each break. These breaks can help prevent your dog becoming restless or anxious on the journey.

 3. Restrain Your Dog

 travelling with your dog safe

Making sure that your dog is safely secured in the car, no matter the length of the journey is vital. Not only does it mean that your dog is less likely to get hurt in the case of an accident, it also means that your dog is less likely to cause an accident, should they try to move around the car. Crates are a great way of keeping your dog safe, but dog seat belts that attach to a harness are also an effective way of keeping your dog secure on car journeys.

 4. Give Them A ‘Safe Place’

 travelling with your dog bed

It is normal for your dog to feel unsettled in a new place, which means it is important that they have somewhere to feel safe. Bring their bed, blanket and favourite toy from home if possible, as the familiar scent of these objects will help to put them at ease. If this is not possible, try covering their crate with a blanket as this can help your dog to feel safe and secure.

 5. Stay Positive

 travelling with your dog calm

One of the most important parts of learning how to travel with a dog is about remaining calm and positive, whatever happens. If you are stressed and nervous about travelling with your dog, they are likely to sense this and become stressed themselves, making the situation worse. You should avoid getting upset or annoyed at your dog if they are agitated, maintaining a neutral tone of voice when talking to them.

Travelling with your dog can be a fun experience, and providing that you bear these tips in mind, it will be! You can never be too prepared or have done enough research into a trip with your dog, so get planning as soon as possible!

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