Dog Baskets For Toys and Doggy Stuff

Believe it or not dogs can be just as messy at kids. I am sure at one time or another you many you have stepped on a squeaky toy in the middle of the night or found a gooey tennis ball wedge in the sofa cushions.

I use to heap Maggie’s toys into her crate or push them around next to her pillow in the lounge. However both options didn’t really work. Then I realised what I needed was a couple of dog baskets for all her stuff. Much better than having it all over the place.

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I ended up getting two for Maggie’s collection of toys.

The first one I keep in the lounge where Maggie usually likes to play. I fill it up with her soft toys, a few chew toys and something seasonal. Considering it’s summer now, I chuck in a few of her outdoor toys that she likes to play with in the garden.

The second one  sits on top of her crate in my bedroom. The bedroom crate keeps her additional toys, (yup, she’s that spoiled!) and the rest of her seasonal toys, think Christmas squeaking elf and her other bits and pieces.

Then every couple of weeks, I rotate some of her toys from the bedroom basket to her lounge basket. This way she thinks she’s getting new toys and I keep an organised home. So I think two dog baskets are always better than one! It helps keep your dog interested in his old toys when they come out after being away for awhile.



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This For the Love of Leisure premium canvas dog toy basket is perfect for storing away your dog toys once your pet has finished playing. The basket comes in a stylish cream colour, is light weight and does just what it says on the label!

The Details

  • Cream coloured dog toy basket – other styles are available
  • Dog toy box/bin made of high quality canvas material
  • 40cms (16in) long by 30cms (12in) wide and 25cms (10in) high

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