Clever Tips: How To Keep dogs safe In The Car

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There is nothing better than going out looking for an adventure with your pup. A ball, a leash and the great outdoors is all you need for a fun and exciting outing with your dog. Sometimes this means taking them along with you in the car and it’s important to ensure your furry pal is comfortable and safe.

Whether you’re just going for a short drive, or you are taking a longer road trip, there are safety precautions you should take to protect your dog. These simple and effective tips will help you to keep your dog safe and comfortable in the car.

Strap them in

Safety for dogs in the car You should never let your dog ride loose in a car. We wouldn’t want to pull off without our seat-belt on so why should your pup be any different? There are various ways of strapping your dog in, you can use a crate that is large enough for your dog to comfortably lie down and turn around inside. Wire crates are best because they create more airflow.

If it is not convenient to have a crate in the back of your car, you could use a harness. They work in the same way you would strap in your own seat-belt. You should ensure that your harness is correctly sized based on the dog’s shoulders and neck points and adjusted to a snug-but-comfortable fit. There are different types of dog harnesses for in the car and you should ensure to get them fitted professionally.

Food and drink

Your dog’s diet needs to stay consistent and in order to do this you should take food and drink out with you for journeys in the car. Bring their food in plastic storage bags because they are easier to manage and transport than the big dog food bags.

If it is a warm day, you could bring a cooler filled with ice and as it thaws and turns into water, you can give it to your dog to drink. Your dog’s hydration depends on breed, size, temperature and level of activity so be sure to check how much water your dog needs daily.

Frequent stopskeep dogs safe in car

It is important to make regular stops for your dog while driving to keep their anxiety low. Park up in places safe to stop and take the dog out for a quick walk to stretch their legs and give them a break from being in the confined space of a car.


Be prepared each time you leave the house with a leash and a ball so that you can make a pit-stop walk at any time. Even if you are only going on a sho


rt journey, you never know when you could get stuck in a traffic jam, turning a 10-minute drive into an hour. Your dog may start to feel anxious; if this happens he needs a pit stop walk.

Keep identification on

keep dogs safe tagIt is important to ensure your dogs are always wearing a collar and ID tag. You never know when they could make a quick unexpected dash out of the car and before you know it they are gone. The best way to ensure they get back home to you safely is by keeping their identification on.

You can get cute personalised dog tags that you can style to suit your dog’s personality, you can see some great examples if you go to this site. Just ensure it includes a way of contacting you or finding you should your dog ever get lost. All it takes is a curious dog catching sight of a running rabbit, and before you know it he has dashed away and is nowhere in sight.