How To Keep Your Dog Safely Confined In One Area

dog safely confined cover

Canines have a mind of their own. While some breeds like to remain inside the home, other breeds like to roam. There is nothing more frustrating than an animal that does not want to stay in one place. Not only do owners have to worry about the animal’s safety, but they also have to worry about other animals and people. A conventional dog fence is a great option, but today owners are offered an array of options.  While gates and fences work perfectly, some brands tend to work better than others. Below, you will discover several tips for keeping your dog safely confined to one area.



 Dog Safely Confined crate

Young puppies and small breeds can safely be confined in a crate for one to two hours. However, these products are a little limited in space, so you will have to remove the dog every few hours to allow time for exercise and potty breaks. If you are traveling long distances or going to be away from the home for a short period of time, the crate will work great. The animal should not be confined in a crate longer than two to three hours at a time. If you are going to be away from the home for an extended period, you will probably want to put the animal in a bathroom or bedroom.


Portable Gates

 dog safely confined gate

Portable gates are great for all canine breeds. You will find an array of these products available, so you will not have any issues finding a gate for large or small breeds. The gate is available in different sizes and designs, plus many brands offer separate panels to extend the length.


Some brands are designed for indoor and outdoor uses. You can set the gate up and let the animal exercise and play, while you are performing outdoor or indoor chores.


Invisible Fence

 dog safely confined invisible

The invisible dog fence is the perfect solution for dogs that live outdoors. The fence is extremely easy to install and works with multiple animals. The kit should include a transmitter, electrical wire, and a collar receiver. It works by sending a shock or tone based on intensity level to the receiver, just to alert the dog that it is in the proximity of the invisible barrier. Over time the dogs will become familiar with the barrier lines, so they will be able to avoid the warning.


The collar receiver is waterproof to prevent damage, allowing the dog to remain outdoors even when it is raining or damp. The installation process is easy, but you will need to bury the wire in the ground. If you have more than one dog, you will have to invest in a separate collar receiver for each one of them.



 dog safely confined mess

When it comes to keeping your pet safe and confined in one area, you will need to take several factors into consideration. First of all, you will need to consider the animal’s size, activity level, needs and how long you are going to be away from the home. Most owners tend to let their animals roam freely in their home, but this is not an option with rambunctious dogs.