How To Take Care Of Your Dog’s Coat

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When your dog is happy, it must be in good shape. A shiny and strong coat is one of many qualifications proving that your dog is very healthy. The coat of your dog is among the top best methods to have a detail view of your dog’s condition, be it emotional or physical.

Your dog need many levels of care. However, most of them require a great grooming regimen.

When should you groom your dog’s coat?

When and whether to groom your dog’s coat relies on the kind of coat it possesses, the coat’s length and why should it be groomed. The canine coats usually range from thin and fine to dense and coarse. Many dogs own wiry coats while some have curly coats and others don’t have any coat at all. A dog’s coat also comes in differ lengths and textures.

Dogs, that have long coats, as well as those, which are likely  matt easily (think Cocka-poos) , need to be combed or brushed every few days.

Field trial and hunting dogs often required to be groomed after every outing.

All dogs need to be groomed, especially when they are smelly, shedding or dirty.

Some useful grooming options for you:

  • Check with your veterinarian, pet groomers or even your pet specialty store in your town.
  • A good groomer is well trained and knows about the need of dogs. He / She can also cut your dog’s nails and clean his ears, paws and teeth.
  • You can choose to groom your dog on your own or do some parts of this work between trips to your groomer. This is a great opportunity to have with your lovely dog. In fact, most dogs like the attention that they get when receiving a nice brushing.

Bathe your dog

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Unlike us, who tend to absorb environmental allergens through our mouths and noses, our dogs absorb those allergens through their skin. They can also lick the grime and muck and ingest it when cleaning their fur. A weekly bath can prevent the itchiness and remove allergens before they have the opportunity to penetrate the dog’s skin.

How often you have to bathe your dog relies on a lot of factors, such as the dog’s activities, type of coat, size, and its breed. Dogs, which are often outdoors will need more baths while the indoor dogs just need only a bath every few months.

Your dog may feel scared when being bathed, however, with a little preparation and knowledge, you can make this task a great experience for yourself and even your dog.

Nevertheless, you should avoid “over-bathing” as this may lead to irritation and dry skin. Do not bathe much more than one time a month if your dog is not frequently dirty.

Also, you should also remember to use gentle pet conditioners and shampoos specialty designed for a dog’s PH balance and avoid using your shampoos. Baby shampoos are safe and will not irritate your dog’s eyes. However, the detergents included in those products are so gentle that they can’t remove heavy grease or grime.

Hair-removing secrets

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  1. Thoroughly and carefully brush your dog before bathing
    1. Make use of proper hair-removal tools to brush your dog:
    2. Short coat: The two-sided and rubber curry brush is the best for your short-coated pets. You can use the rubber brush while bathing to loosen the dead coat and when your pet is totally dry, you can utilize the two-sided brush’s soft bristle side to brush the loose coat from your dog.
    3. Long coat: A comb and a good brush are what you need for your long-coated pets. It is wise to possess a matting tool when you forget to brush or miss a grooming. We recommend a de-matting tool, a metal comb with detailers (the parts in which the teeth are much closer) and a slicker brush.
    4. Double-coated use: A de-shedding tool and a slicker brush are what you need for double-coated use. First, you can use your slicker brush to eliminate debris from the coat, after that, use the de-shedding tool till you can observe minimal hair coming out, but make sure not to brush too many times in a certain spot.

The right food

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A nutritious and balanced diet along with a lot of amino acid and protein content can help replenish and strengthen the coat of your dog. Dog hair is mostly made of protein. Therefore, a coat, which is fragile or dull can be an indication proving that your dog is not receiving the best nutrition.

You should do some researches about the best type of food as well as its suitable proportions for your dogs. In case the diet requires a boost, you can ask your veterinarian about supplement for pets.

It is very important to know about the qualities of your dog’s breed and to spend time maintaining her or his coat with frequent washing and brushing. As we said, a happy dog is always healthy, and a strong, shiny fur is an indication of its healthiness.

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