Tyre Dog Lead & Collar Set – Wag Cool

Here at Wag The Dog UK, we  are lucky enough to see a lot of leads and collars, that are very Wag Cool. And if your looking for uber hip, this tyre dog lead and collars fit the tail wagging to a tee.

These gorgeous re-cycled collars and leads (many of which come in coordinating sets!) are made from an upcycled bicycle tire and crafted by hand, by Laura Zabo right here in London.

The coolest part of the Laura Zabo line is that she designs many of the products that can worn by the dog owners, including fashion accessories, shoes and clothing. This way you both can be very wag cool.

tyre dog set

Cool Dog – Happy Planet

Did you know Scrap tyres are a rapidly growing problem on this planet, with over 3 billion tyres dumped globally every year. They take decades to break down and often pile up on landfill sites, taking up valuable space and clogging up our planet. We need to find imaginative and creative eco-solutions for the increasing amount of waste on our planet and transform it into useful and sustainable treasure.

About Laura Zabo

Laura Zabo strives to create a cleaner world by using creativity and imagination to make sustainable, cruelty-free products. She started her company in 2016 and is based in London.

My thoughts

tyre lead and me

I felt very, very wag cool in my tyre dog lead and collar set while I wagged around this weekend. The collar felt light a breezy and my peep liked how the lead felt in her hand. It felt light but strong and durable, which is needed when you have a beagle on the end of the lead. She also loved that she could easy hose down the collar after I decided to roll in a little fox poo!

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Laura Zabo