Pet Food? -How Much Do You Know About Your Dog’s Food?

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As the pet food industry continues to grow, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of the vast amount of information about pet nutrition and dog food brands. While there’s a great deal of valuable sources available today that liberated pet owners and allows us to find helpful advice on how to feed our canines, there’s also a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around the internet. Sadly, the pet food industry also has a vested interest in spreading some misinformation.

Did you that for many health problems in dogs, a prescription dog food brand – which is usually 2-4 times more expensive than regular brands – isn’t always necessary (1)? These tailored formulas can often be found in cheaper brands and contain the exact same ingredients. All you need to do is discuss with your veterinarian what foods your dog should avoid and what needs to be included in the diet.

The same can be said about many “labeled” pet foods, such as hypoallergenic brands. The fact is that there could be no hypoallergenic dog food for all canines just as there cannot be any hypoallergenic food item for people. Different dogs are allergic to different foods, and as long as the formula doesn’t contain those ingredients, the food becomes “hypoallergenic.” Lamb, for example, is often included in many hypoallergenic dog food formulas, but the reason for that isn’t that it’s better; lamb is simply a less common protein source. In fact, studies have shown that lamb does cause allergies in dogs (2)

Have you ever heard about “holistic” pet foods? The reason this is becoming a popular choice among pet owners is because companies found a legal loophole to manipulate the pet food labeling system. There is an assumption among pet owners about the term “holistic,” but the truth is that the label doesn’t meant anything – there is no definition under AAFCO of what holistic dog food brand should contain (3).

If you’re curious about more myths and misconceptions from the pet food industry, take a look at the below infographic from Top Dog Tips on the most common dog food myths and what the facts are:

pet food myths