Top 6 Things You’d Want To Consider For Your Dog’s Birthday Celebration

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Considering a birthday party for your furry friend? It’s an awesome idea. Your dog will get the rare opportunity of playing and socializing with its friends. Besides, it will enjoy being pampered by human dog lovers who you invite to this party. To help you organize a memorable birthday party for your pet, we’ve highlighted the top 6 things you’d want to consider for your dog’s birthday celebration:

1.   The Appropriate Date

birthday party dogEven if you don’t know the exact date of your dog’s birth, you can always fix one or use the day you adopted it. Of importance is to organize the party at a date that’s convenient for most people on your guest list. You want all your friends to attend or at least avail their dogs for the event to succeed.

2.   The Guest List

The guest list is mostly going to be composed of humans and canines. If among the humans are kids, you should consider their age and how much exposure they have in puppies. Have in mind that children of certain ages require strict supervision and so will the canines. So, make sure you have the time or ability to supervise both groups.

When inviting other dogs, consider their attributes and those of yours. Slow, shy and aggressive dogs are comfortable in a familiar environment. So, you could consider inviting dogs that already know each other. Otherwise, you may consider having humans only. In fact, having dog lovers around makes your dog the center of attention. They will pamper it during its important day.

3.   The Venue

There are different locations you can host a dog’s birthday party. These include doggy daycare, local park, dog beach, and your home. Let’s say you want to have the party in your house – what are some of the considerations to make?

To host a party at your house or friend’s house, you need to decide whether you have enough space for the number of dogs you listed as your guests. This will also depend on whether you host an indoor or

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outdoor party. In case of an outdoor party, you should be mindful of the weather. An outdoor event may also require you to provide shade for all your guests.

In case you choose the local park for the bash, ask about the charges, regulations or procedures for using the space. Chances are you’ll be sent to the Department of Parks and Recreation for such bookings. You will also need to clarify whether you will be using picnic tables and chairs provided there.

The residents along the coastline can also host the party on the beach. Of importance is to choose a beach that’s dog-friendly. But, you should also bear in mind that other dogs are likely to be wandering about during this day.

4.   Activities

Dog party games and sports add a new level of amusement to the event. You can think of a costume-themed party where the dogs and their parents come dressed in costumes of their choice. Then, hold contests and games involving both the dog and their human parents. Go ahead and see which family emerges the best dressed, talented, group dancers or well-behaved.

In case there is enough space in your compound, consider having a photo booth. Your guests will enjoy taking selfies with their dogs which they can share on their social media. It doesn’t have to be expensive as you can design yours at home. Choose a nice fabric for the backdrop and use funky hats, glasses, e.t.c as props.

5.   Dog Party Food

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We can’t think of a birthday party without a cake and plenty of food. It can be boring! But, that cake and some human food you use for your birthday party aren’t healthy for dogs. You could order a dog-friendly cake from your nearest pet bakery. If you know your way around the kitchen, find recipes online and bake a special treat for your lovely companion.

You should also provide plenty of scrumptious dog-friendly foods for your dog and its furry friends to enjoy the day. Look for nice chewing treats like filled biscuits, bones and bully sticks. Throw in doggy snacks and pupsicles as well. Popsicles are fun and engaging, but they also help keep your puppy hydrated especially in hot weather.

6.   The Invites

Yes, it’s the era of social media and most invites can be done via a simple E-card designed and shared online. However, tangible invites add an awesome touch to any party. What you need is to visit your nearest stationary printers and have them design a card using your theme colors, message, or photos of your dog. You can also buy a custom card from online stores such as Etsy.

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Just like with humans, dog birthdays occur only once in a year. However, wonderful occasions can be created anytime and as frequently as possible. So, don’t wait until the next birth date. Spoil your loyal friend once in a while by organizing an event where they can get all the pampering, attention, ample time of play with mates, and delicious food.

Andrea Boffo is CEO of PlusVoucherCode, a website that provides discount codes to save money on online purchases.