How House-training Your Puppy Can Be Easy

House-training your puppy is not the as daunting a task as it seems to be. It necessitates patience, consistency, and tolerance on the part of the parent. It will usually require four to six months to efficiently train a puppy. However, the previous conditions of the pup are also a deterring factor in how long it will require being trained. Below is listed the guidelines for effective training your puppy.

Establish a routine

house train puppy schedule

House-training puppies yield the best result if they are on a regular schedule. The timetable teaches them time to eat, play and poop. In general, puppies can hold their bladder at least for an hour depending on their age.  For example, a two-month-old can hold it for two hours. The following step can be taken to ensure a routine

 Frequently, take your puppy outside

Choose a bathroom place outside

Praise or reward them every single time they eliminate outdoors

 Ensure scheduled feeding to the puppy


house train puppy sit

Supervision holds equal importance to establishing a routine. One should never provide the puppy a chance to soil inside the house. To ensure, supervision one should:

 Tether the puppy

Keep the puppy leashed

Unable to supervise, confine

If it is not possible for you to watch the puppy at all the times, then confining them to small enough area is also an option. Space should be large at least to allow standing and lying down comfortably. It can be the corner of a washroom or laundry room stopped by gates. Moreover, a puppy can also be crate trained. After the puppy has spent a few hours in the crate, it is required to be taken off to the bathroom.

In case of mistakes

house train puppy outdoors

It is very natural that some unfortunate incidents will take place inside the house. In such instances one must always:

Interrupt in the puppy during course of action

Make some noise, or command them outside and take them to the bathroom. Praise your puppy if they finish there. However, during this process make sure not to startle or scare them

Not punish the puppies for their elimination inside the house. Making your puppy smell it or scolding will render no good. It will either make him afraid of you or fearful of eliminating in your presence.

 Clean thoroughly the area that has been soiled. Puppies are encouraged to soil the area that smells like urine.

The utilization of above-mentioned guidelines will render house-training less of pain and frustration than it is.

Author Bio: Wendy Shore is a parent of two amazing dogs. She is very enthusiastic about pet health and welfare in general. She regularly blogs at Totally Goldens.