Great Tips To Keep Your Pooch Busy Indoors

At times it becomes challenging to keep your four-legged friend indoors busy and happy. The empty mind is a devil’s workshop! However keeping your pooch busy when he is stuck indoors is not as hard as you think. Here are some great ideas that will constructively make your dog busy indoors.


Ways to keep your dog busy indoors


  1. Play with your pooch- You can play some exciting games with your beloved canine which in turn will keep him active and energetic. The attention-grabbing games can be asking your pet to find the treat, play the shell game, tug of war, hide and seek, puzzle toys, soft toy fetch, shaping games or the game of tag. All these games will provide great joy to your pet.

I bet you’ll smile too!

  1. Allow your pet to look through a window- Pull open the curtains and blinds so that your pet can enjoy the outside view from either your windows and doors. You can arrange some chair or cushion on which your pet can sit comfortably to enjoy the sight from inside.

your pooch window

  1. Offer dental chews- You can give some good quality toys or dental chews to your loving pet which will keep him busy. While they are gnawing away they won’t find time in bothering you or your belongings. Chews help freshen the breath and will provide cleaner teeth for your pooch.

play with your pooch

  1. Recall the training skills- With a little free time you can practice some basic commands so that your pup can revise all the behavioral guidelines taught to him. It;s a perfect time to go over the basics of sit, stay, come, go, drop and many more. The more your pet practices the commands the more perfectly he will deliver.


  1. Make familiar with the names of the toys- No doubt as a pet owner you buy lots of toys for your adorable pet.  Why not teach your pet to learn the names of his toys? After he has learned the names of his favourite toys you can ask your pet to fetch it from his toy box.

your pooch toy

  1. Arrange a dog walker- You can arrange for a dog walker which will allow your pet to get out of the house and have a little  workout. Is your dog staying a long time at home alone?  Then arranging for a dog walker might be the perfect solution. Regularly scheduled time for walks or even day care will zap those doggy blues.

your pooch dog walker

  1. Spend the quality time- Your pet is a member of your family.  On cold bitter days this the best time to relax, snuggle, pamper and love your pup.  You will feel snug as bugs on the sofa with all this awesome bonding.

your pooch love

Let your pooch enjoy the comfortable stay

To keep your furry friend busy and involved in some productive work! However it’s crucial; Sitting idle will make your pet inactive and bored.  This could result in destructive or meaningless activities like chewing of shoes or barking.

.All these tips will make your pooch energetic, happy, active and joyful. He will find fun in all the activities listed in this post. Why not give it a try on the next cold and windy day.


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