Top 10 Luxury Pet-friendly hotels in the USA

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While Europe is considered the no.1 destination when it comes to extreme pet-friendliness, USA is right behind. Now you don’t have to leave those four-legged family members alone while checking into major hotels in the US.

Your pets can join you in many of the top hotels in the country. Not only it has become easier to find pet-friendly hotels, but you can also make the most out of some fantastic pet-friendly services too. The facilities are often referred to as ‘pet grooming’ and are sometimes offered free of cost.

In addition to offering amazing facilities and amenities for guests from around the world, more hotels are now also welcoming animals to stay over with their owners. The following is the list of top ten hotels in the US that you can proudly walk in with your four-legged best friend.

Your Dog is going to love these pet-friendly hotels

1. The Jefferson, Washington, DC

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The Jefferson is a famous, world-class hotel in the United States. It has been popular for all the right reasons. Adding to which, it is also a pet-friendly hotel.

Taking it to the next level, they even have their own pet ambassador, Lord Monticello, who’s a cute little beagle. Also known as Monti, the beagle serves as the Executive Canine Officer in the hotel.

Jefferson allows 2 pets per traveler, who can stay in any room with the guests. The hotel provides them with their individual beds, food bowls, and even treats. Guests are also given maps of waking areas and routes to take their pets for a walk.

The services, however, comes with a price tag. The hotel charges $50 per pet as a one-time fee for their stay – which is absolutely worth it keeping in mind that you get to share your space with your beloved pet.

2. The Greenwich Hotel

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The Greenwich Hotel is one of the top three hotels in the New York City for the fantastic experience it offers to its guests flying from all over the world. One of their best features is that not only do they allow all types of pets to stay in the hotel, but there are also no additional charges attached to the service.

Pets can stay with their family in any of the accommodations within the hotel and can enjoy their own beds and bowls for added comfort. Also, there’s no weight limit, so you don’t have to worry about taking a few pets with you if you can’t leave them behind.

3. The Little Nell

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Undoubtedly, The Little Nell is rated as a no.1 hotel in Colorado for the list of services they have for their guests. And this does not exclude the pets. The hotel offers ample amenities to treat their four-legged guests to make them feel important.

Not only the hotel provides food and water bowls, pet beds, but there are decent gourmet pet dining options too. Since the hotel is located in the heart of Aspen, it also provides a Puppy Jet Lag Kit to allow guests to help their animals adjust to the change in environment and altitude.

The Little Nell welcomes all kinds of pets and offers pet-sitting and walking services along with a map with guidelines on a pet-friendly trail. Charges for these additional pet services apply.

4. The Hermitage

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The Hermitage is rated as the best hotel in Nashville and for all the right reasons. Other than offering a great stay experience to guests, The Hermitage welcomes dogs and cats for a standard $50 fee per night.

Services you can avail of that price tag include custom beds, water and food bowls, treats, dog-walking and sitting services, and pet massage. Since the hotel is located near parks, it makes it an ideal location for dog owners to take their pets for a walk.

5. The Beverly Hills Hotel

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If you love to spoil your pets, this is the best hotel for their stay. For a great stay experience for yourself and your pet, the Beverly Hills Hotel is a perfect choice. Luckily, all these services do not cost a fortune. With only 35 dollars per night, you can treat your pets with a variety of pet-friendly amenities.

The most common ones include pet bowls, beds, treats, and a pink tennis ball. As a perfect welcome, your pet will also receive bone-shaped cookies. Pet sitting and walking services are also presented for an additional fee.

6. The Ritz-Carlton

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Now with Ritz-Carlton, you cannot expect the average. In addition to allowing pets to stay with their owners, the hotel also features a number of pet-centric festivities around the year. The most famous seasonal events include Yappy Howl-iday Celebration and Howl-O-Ween.

The ‘Posh Pooch’ services offer water and food bowls, custom beds, a dog-exclusive room-service menu, complimentary toys, waste bags, and a map for dog-friendly trails. But all that pampering will cost you a standard $150 for cleaning and $50 per night of stay.

7. Umstead Hotel and Spa

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It’s one of the best places you can take your pet for a stay. Umstead Hotel and Spa is the best in the region, where they offer amazing pet-staying services.

The property welcomes both cats and dogs and charges a one-time fee of $200. Their services include a pet bed, treats, food and water bowls, pet-walking, and pet-sitting services.

But that’s not all. The feature that really makes this hotel stand out is the DogWood. It is an exclusively designed enclosed playground for all the pets, where they have plenty of space to socialize and play around.

8. The Mark

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The Mark is located in the heart of the New York City and near the Central Park. This makes it the perfect location to plan your stay with your furry friend. There are ample walking trails and green spaces for walking your pet close to the hotel.

The hotel charges a one-time $115 per pet and offers a Molly Mutt bed, signature water and food bowls, gourmet treats, and placemats. Owners can find more information on pet-sitting and dog-walking services at the concierge’s desk.

9. Four Seasons, Boston

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If you have a pet that weighs less than 25 lbs, head straight to the Four Season Hotel Boston for you and your pet’s comfortable stay! The hotel does not charge any additional fee for pets under 25 pounds and offer free amenities including food, beds, and in-room pet menus.

The hotel also offers pet-walking and pet-sitting services at a small additional feel. The site of the hotel is also ideal as it is near Boston Public Garden and Boston Common, which allows ample of green space for you and your pet to walk together.

10. The St. Regis Aspen Resort

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Aspen’s second best hotel is also a great stay place for your furry friend. St. Regis Aspen Resort allows pets with a fee of $25 per room and $25 per day. The amenities include a bed, dog bags, blanket, and food and water bowls.  The resort features a magnificent outdoor location where dogs can enjoy playing around.

The hotel is also near Wagner Park, which gives the owner another spot to hang out with their pet.

Final Word

Other than excellent pet services, these top hotels are also known for offering fantastic staying experience for guests from around the world. So next time you plan a trip with your furry friend to the United States, you know where the best dog friendly hotels to enjoy.

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