5 Tips for Taking Your Dog Shark Diving

So, you and your best mate do everything together, no matter how crazy. Might your latest adventure of shark diving be a bit too much for them to handle?

Well, we’re here to tell you no. If your dog is well-trained and easy-going, he should be fine. He probably won’t be able to get in the water, but going with you on the boat certainly shouldn’t be an issue.

Here are five tips to help you make sure your dog has just as great an experience as you do.

1. Make Sure to Bring All Essentials

shark diving toys

Every dog has a favorite toy, and taking advantage of this will help you  to bring them along on all your adventures, no matter how crazy they might be. These toys don’t only bring with them a sense of fun, but they often act as calming agents. Giving your dog a sense of familiarity and ease. By bringing his toys with you, you’ll be showing him that although the scenery has changed, their place in the world is still the same and that they will not be in any danger. Making sure your pet feels as secure as possible must always be your number one priority.

2. Make Sure You Pick the Best Spot

shark diving safe

If you decide you want to take your best four-legged friend with you while shark diving, you better make sure the people guiding your tour know what they’re doing. This is not the time to be trusting just any boat “captain” parked at the end of the dock. You’re going to want experts with proven experience in safe and exciting tours.


One great option might be shark cage diving in Mossel Bay. With four different tour options to choose from, you’ll be able to customize your experience to fit you and your dog’s needs. They have incredibly knowledgeable crews that will help make your experience top-notch. They will also provide you with all the information and itinerary beforehand, making it easy for you to make an educated decision.


And hey, while you’re already in Cape Town, why not do something a little more your dog’s speed and enjoy a beautiful walking tour of Cape Town? Best part about it? They’re free, so you’ll really be able to make the most of it and enjoy some leisure time with your best friend.

3. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

shark diving walks

If you want your pal to be on his best behaviour, you’ll need to get rid of all their extra energy. Make sure you’ve gone on just a little more than your daily walking schedule. This process will also help ensure that they’re acclimated to the area. Walking by the water is definitely a good idea. Let them explore it, swim a little, be as exposed as possible before getting them on the boat. This way, the excitement over something new won’t be quite as prevalent and they’ll have a calmer demeanor while you’re out on the water.

4. Keep Calm Yourself

shark diving cuddle

All animals have the ability to pick up on our emotions, and this situation will be no different. Showing your dog that you’re calm and feel safe will provide them with similar senses. Make sure that your own peacefulness overpowers the excitement of the situation itself. A good way to get them accustomed to your dominant emotions would be to bring them into different environments over the course of a month out of their comfort zone. Let them feed off of your sense of security and calm. So that when you’re out there on the boat, your presence and emotional state will keep them at ease.

5.  Get Them Used to Blood

shark diving sitting

This might be the most lengthy step in making sure your pal is ready for this experience. Dogs have a natural instinct to consume meat, and so the smell of fresh blood will be just as enticing for them as it is for the sharks.

You’ll want to make sure that your dog becomes accustomed to this smell, and that it doesn’t mean he’ll be enjoying a nice steak at your side. Go to your local butcher or fisherman and ask for scraps or even blood that’s left over. They’re normally more than happy to have you get rid of it for them.

By exposing them to these aromas over a month or more, you’ll be ensuring that their natural instincts will be tamed down. They will also understand that you are in charge and this meat is not for them. This will be key when out on the water with the chum used to lure the sharks.

You are the only one that knows what your dog is capable of handling. But if you’re set on sharing this remarkable experience hopefully these tips will come in handy. It’s important that you and Fido are well prepared. This way you might both be able to have the most amazing shark diving experience possible.