DOG POO: A Few Gassy Thoughts

dog poo cover

This strange blog came to mind after reading this BBC article about a man in Worcester UK taking dog poo matters into his own hands. Literally turning dog poop into light… Ahhh the wonders of the 21st century.

Forget Iphones, forget 3D curved ultra sharp, ultra sonic, ultra crisp, ultra vivid, ultra wide TV’s or whatever marketing terms they use these days.

This man has single-handedly helped to alleviate dog poo being left in his neighbourhood by simply encouraging people to place their dog poop into a lamp and turning a handle 5 times. Allowing the gas to power the lamp at dusk. Genius !

Why are some dog owners so afraid and unwilling to pick up their dogs mess in the first place

dog poo pick up

You’re ill prepared and your afraid, be armed and be ready

Arm yourself duly with bags, tough bags. The thicker the better! We want to avoid having to make unnecessary contact. This helps to better take your mind off what you’re picking up. If we use thinner, it’s undoubtedly going to make you crease.

It’s easy to forget your bags especially as a new dog owner and easy to feel disgusted having never picked up dog poo before. However try this tip first, it may just be all in the mind but I swear thicker bags help me feel like its more normal and totally helps to create a stronger mind barrier.

If this does not prove enough, there are some strange gadgets on the market today. Type in dog poo scooper into any online store and look at the weird and wonderful results you can utilize for even the most squeamish of owners.


Missing the Poo

dog poo face

Your not watching your friend whilst out on walks

We should respect that sometimes people may genuinely not notice when the sin is committed. Stay vigilant and keep eagle-eyed. Even after you’ve already picked some up as you never know when your pup is going to be ready for the toilet again.

Also I swear some owners may pretend to have not seen the dog do its business ( I found this forum proving this activity exists )… in fact there are some people who pretend to pick up the poo and put an empty bag in the bin some reasons for this include:

  • Owners can’t find the offended zone again this could be due to you not watching ! or it’s dark… in that case bring a flashlight or use the light on your phone.
  • The owner knows roughly where the zone is, but just can’t find it due long grass or foliage. In which case, I suppose the pretend method could help avoid some embarrassment ( I’m not condoning this by the way ) in a situation your powerless.



Poor Dog Poo =  Poor Diet

The dogs diet is poor

Sometimes the waste isn’t solid and may prove a hassle to pick up particularly when it’s on the runny side. If your dog has regularly diarrhea whilst out on walks leaving you flustered and frustrated then we need to start in the kitchen to solve this manner, (if its illness related then maybe diet cannot change this and your needs to see a vet).

Consider what currently makes up the majority of your dog’s food and check for any unusual ingredients that your dog is intolerant or allergic too. Whilst some dogs do just fine on commercially processed dog foods, just like humans every body type and genetic makeup is different so start tomorrow by switching the diets up and sticking to it for a short while as diarrhea can often be attributed to sudden diet change but the system can soon adjust. Here is some information on diet types and remember your dog’s waste is an important indicator of health.

If your dog does leave a runny mess, here are some things you can do…

dog poo pick up

  • If it’s on soil or grass or any type of loose gravel then with a bag try to cover up the muck with whats around you. This will help soak up the mess and then try your best to scoop up the solids that you have made with the ground. Luckily the poop should biodegrade after a couple of weeks.


  • If on solid ground like concrete then search around and try to repeat the first step with anything you can find. After that using some water wash away the waste to the best you can.


Written by Zak Morris a dog walker in Manchester, UK.