Tracy Ahrens Award Winning Pet Stories

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Tracy Ahrens just won second place for her pet stories! And of course she did her stories are amazing! We all love her stories about her cats,her dog Trucker and her whole furry family. The best Part about her stories is how they reflect on how we interact with our own pets. You can really relate to them and also remember those times with your pet. I am so proud to have her as one of my writers. She has been giving giggles, smiles and even tears since she started writing for wag The Dog UK in 2013. I already can’t wait for her next new story.

Congratulation on winning in the 2018 Illinois Woman’s Press Association Mate E. Palmer Communications Contest. She won 2nd place for the category of Web and Social Media, Blogs, Personal. Which is us at Wag The Dog UK
If you haven’t had a chance to read any of her pet stories, I suggest that you snuggle up on the sofa, grab your furry mate and tuck in.

The judge comments were just what you would expect when reading Tracy’s pet stories

The first post made me laugh, and the second post made me cry. Both were well written and appropriate for the target audience, with good clarity of message.”

That’s us, dog loving  dog people. Crazy dog people. Dog people who love and believe that their dogs deserve the best. The best treats, the best advice, and seated right beside us.

Here are my top 3 favourites pet stories

Stuffed Toys-A senior skilled at stufficide

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Every pet owners has looked on sadly while the cute stuffed toy lovingly purchased, brought home and given to your dog get rips to shreds in a matter of seconds. I have thought many times, what’s the point? Why even buy another toy for Maggie to destroy? It can feel like such a let down, until you see the utter glee in your dogs eyes. I promise this pet story will make you smile with glee too.

One of the toys I gave her was a small Wonder Woman doll with a squeaker in it. She slept in a bed with it, but ignored it. But two months later, something snapped. She got a feisty glimmer in her eye, picked up Wonder Woman in her mouth and started to chew on her. I laughed to myself watching her, until she spit out an arm. Then, the other arm….

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Trucker- His Savior, His life And His Friend

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Sadly, this story is of Trucker’s passing. Something that we all know and worry about in regards to our own pets. We love them so much and they enrich our lives, that it hurts that they are only with us for short time.  I suggest before you start reading that you get some tissues and don’t hug your pet to hard.

He was operated on to remove that mass. His legs were long and the skin to work with was scarce. The doctor did an excellent job removing the mass and surrounding tissue and scored the skin to help it stretch out. I was told that cancer could return if the margins were not clear.

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Trucker’s Tail: Wait For The Tail

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One of my favourite bits on Maggie’s beagle body is her very expressive tail. Her tail tells me everything that she is thinking. Besides a helicopter wagging tail when I come home which means she is super happy to see me. It’s the bent tail that I know means she is up to something and it has nothing to do with what I want. In fact sometimes I feel I can actually talk to Maggie just by looking at how her tail is responding.

his black and white whip normally carries low behind him, resting between his legs with a slight curve, like a greyhound holds its tail. When he’s happy and exploring, the tail rises tall – its white tip dancing over his back like a butterfly. I love watching it bounce, and it’s a great signal to find him when he’s hiding in tall ornamental grasses or running in prairie grasses at forest preserves.

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Congratulations Tracy, and thank you for writing your amazing furry stories. I look forward to reading more and can’t wait to know what your hairy bunch will do next.

If you would like to read more stories from Tracy, Make sure you add her name to the search bar and find them all.

If you would like to know more about Tracy Ahrens, I suggest that you check out her website, she is quiet amazing!